What is the Iron Heart award?

Iron Heart

What is it? How does my swimmer earn it?

The IronHeart award is one of SCAT’s most coveted honors awarded at our year end banquet in the spring. This is a goal ALL swimmers can work to earn each season and helps create well rounded competitive swimmers. To earn the IronHeart award – your swimmer will need to successfully swim each event offered to their age group.

Competitive swimming has 4 available strokes and different distances for each stroke. The typical distances are 50, 100 & 200, although freestyle offers “distance events” in the 500, 1000 & 1650 also.

For 12 & Under swimmers, we strive to train them to be able to swim at least 50s and 100s in each event and encourage 11-12 and older to swim at least one distance freestyle event.

To encourage swimmers to try all events we award the IronHeart to swimmers who achieve this task.

To find out what events your swimmer will need to complete, we have created a “spread sheet” for them to track their progress through the season.

To find this document, log in to our website and select the “Documents and Results” tab from the Home page. You will find a drop down menu with the IronHeart Goal sheets listed for each particular age group. Select the age group that your swimmer will be in as of Jan 1 2020.

This will be a guide to help you select your events for meets! Good luck!

How do I select events for my swimmer?

Great question! First, has your swimmer established goals with you and/or their coach? If not, this is a great time to have that discussion. We’ve got some great information on appropriate goal setting guidelines for parents that we will send out to help you with this part of the sport.

We think Iron Heart is a great place to start. So, when selecting events and meets to participate in, make sure you have your Iron Heart goal sheet in hand. Not all meets offer all events, so try to swim as many different events early in the season to get those checked off the list.

Once you are on your way to making sure your swimmer tries all events at least once, they will start to decide which events they prefer. We always like to give the swimmer the option to swim events they like. We do not however, recommend that you enter the same event week after week. If you are swimming two meets in one month, pick different events for each meet, then next month, go back and swim that favorite race again. This leaves some room to make improvements and see progress from swim to swim.

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