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Hi Everyone! 

 I cannot believe September has already passed! We have gained over 15 new teammmates on Vitras since the month of August, and I am so proud of our growing team. Each individual on the team has brought a new personality to our group and it has created such a fun environment! 

Each month Coach Aryn and myself are going to choose athletes that we want to recognize for athlete of the month. For the month of September, our two swimmmers of the month are Emily Tekut from Red 2 and Tucker Hodge from Red 1! These two athletes have been hard at work EVERY practice. They have had superior focus and have been able to pay attention to all the small details that the coaches have been talking about at practice. Not only is their work ethic been phenomenal, they have all had positive attitudes and been great teammates. Their smiles are contagious and they have been such a pleasure to coach and watch them grow alongside their teammates. 

Emily Tekut: Emily joined Red 2 at the start of season. Since the first day of practice, Coach Aryn and I knew that Emily was going to be something and someone great. She was such a sweet girl who is always so polite and respectful, but we could tell that Emily had a burning fire inside of her to be great at swimming. She listens to everything we ask her to change and fixes it the next time she pushes off the wall. She is intuitive and bright and strives to get better every practice. Though she may be quiet at times, she is mighty! We are so excited and happy to have Emily on our team!! Congratulations, Emily!!!

Tucker Hodge: Following Summer Swim, Tucker joined our year round team! His electric smile and his sweet laugh walked down on deck on the first day of his year-round debut and he has been nothing short of amazing! He has been a wonderful teammate to his Red 1 group, and he always listens in order to understand what he needs to do to get better. He has shown us that he is unstoppable and has a perosnality that will not settle. He is working hard to be the best that he can be and that showed when he attended the Fall League meet at Anthem. When I signed Tucker up for the 100 IM, he did not even think twice. He was swimming against kids at least 3 feet taller and 5 years older, but he did not let that stop him. Tucker finished the race with the biggest smile on his face. We are so proud of you, Tucker! You are unstoppable!


We are so proud of ALL of our athletes. Our team is proving to be a unit that works together well! We are learning that as much of an individual sport that swimming is, we are all something bigger than ourselves, a team! That is so important for me as a coach. Congratulations again to our swimmers of the month! We are SO proud of both of you! 


Thank you, 

 Hannah Bruggman