Team Update 9.3019

Hi everyone!

Meet Sign Ups

We have several meets that are now available for sign ups. You can click on each meet under the Events tab and sign your swimmer up for meets. If you are unsure how to do this, you can follow the link below:

How to sign up

Upcoming meet sign up deadlines:

  • Home quad meet: deadline 10/7
  • KEY Invitational- deadline 10/6
  • Wapak Invite- 10/16
  • Coffman invite- 10/13

Please note that it is difficult, and often not possible, to make changes to entries after the entry deadline. Also, meets that have invitational fees are non-refundable. If you sign your swimmer up for a meet and cannot attend, you are still responsible for those meet fees. Also, relay fees are divided among the four participating swimmers on each relay. If you do not show up for a meet and it causes us to not be able to swim a relay, you  may be charged the full amount for the relay. 

Bottom line, please very carefully select your meets! 


Silver/Gold Ohio State Practice

For those interested in Silver and Gold groups, we have been invited to watch the Saturday morning practice and Alumni meet at Ohio State this upcoming Saturday morning. You can arrive around 9am (likely best to park in the Neil Avenue garage). Their alumni meet features some big names still in the sport, so it should be fun! There is no charge to attend, but you must arrange your own rides. Please note that there is a home footbal game that same day at Ohio State, but the football game is at night. Parking rates may be high, so we suggest you carpool!

Please talk to Coach Marscia if you have any questions.


Lindsay's Law Forms

Just a friendly reminder that I need all Lindsay's law forms in this week. I have less than 50% of the team's forms turned in. You can get instructions and a copy of this form on our website under the PARENTS heading, and the Lindsay's Law link. 


Gold Group Morning Practices

Starting October 8, we will hold an extra practice on Tuesday mornings at the North Y for Gold group. These run from 5:15-6:30a. There is no extra charge for this practice, but interested swimmers should talk to Coach Matt.


Other Remiders

  • To be eligible for the championship meets in March, you must (at a minimum) participate in 3 separate meets with AMFY during the regular season (October thru February). 
  • ALL AMFY SWIMMERS ARE EXPECTED TO SWIM IN AT LEAST THREE MEETS DURING THE REGULAR SEASON AND the A or AA level champs for which they qualify. Starting next season, your eligibility for the team may be in jeopardy if you do not meet these requirements.
  • For high school swimmers, the OHSAA rule basically states that once you participate in your first high school swim meet, you are not permitted to swim in meets for any other team until you have swam in your last high school meet for the season. I strongly recommend that all high school swimmers try to get in their 3 meets with AMFY before they start swimming high school meets.
  • High school swimmers should plan to practice with their AMFY practice group at least once per week during high school season. OHSAA has no rules against where you practice.


Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!