The Aulea Swim Club’s annual FUNdraiser is around the corner!  Swim-a-thon will be held on November 2nd-3rd at Le Jardin Academy from 6:00 PM-6:00 AM.  This event is open to all groups including swim school.  In years past we did an all night relay but we will have a slightly different format this year. Listed below are the swim times for each group.  Each group will get the pool for a certain period of time and will have a minimum number of recommended laps to complete during that time:

Swim School: 6:00-6:30- 20 laps minimum

Bronze: 6:30-7:15- 50 laps minimum

Silver: 7:15-8:00- 60 laps minimum

Gold: 8:00-9:00- 100 laps minimum

Platinum: 9:00-10:00- 100 laps minimum

Junior: 10:00-11:30: 150 laps minimum

Senior/Senior Elite: 11:30 PM-6:00 AM: 200 laps minimum

Please note that swimmers do not have to swim the whole time to meet their minimum.  Swimmers ARE allowed to swim that whole time if they want to exceed their minimum and swimmers from each group with the most laps will get prizes.

A couple of other notes about the event, both for new team members and returners:

  1. The online funding campaign will begin next week- $100 minimum recommended per family (team families that aren’t able to participate in the event are strongly encouraged to participate in the fundraising.). Last years swim-a-thon funds went to buying a new timing system, our generous swimmer incentive program for swimmers that made new time standards, and paid for interisland and mainland travel for coaches to attend meets.  This years funds will go towards the same items- team equipment, team travel and swimmer incentives!
  2. As in years past we will have dinner catered, plenty of booths and activities for the kids to participate in and snacks throughout the night for the kids.  As in years past, we will have a fire pit and s’mores for later in the evening.
  3. Once again, we will have a them for swim-a-thon.  Details coming soon!
  4. Swimmers will be able to sleep in the gym as in years past.  Swimmers must be at least 11 years old to spend the night without adult supervision.  Spending the night isn’t required but is lots of fun and team bonding.  At the conclusion of the event we will have a small breakfast for all swimmers at the pool at 6:00 AM.

We will have a lot more details coming out soon and I really hope that a lot of families can participate.  As a final reminder, 5% of all swim-a-thon funds go the USA swimming foundation, the philanthropic arm of USA swimming that assists with funding of learn to swim programs in the aim of increasing water safety throughout the United States.  The rest of all funds will be retained by the club for the purposes stated above as well as paying for the event itself.

Happy Streamlines and Goooo Aulea!

Coach Joe