Paseo October News & Notes


October 2019

In our continued effort to keep Paseo Aquatics families up-to-date and informed, we are re-introducing our monthly newsletter—PASEO AQUATICS NEWS & NOTES. Here you will find current information on approaching events, team meetings, parent tips and coaching insight from our dedicated “Coaches’ Corner.” 

Feel free to respond with any feedback—or make your own contribution to future editions. We hope this newsletter proves informative and beneficial to our membership.



massive thanks to all the parent volunteers, coaches, officials and admin. who made our 2019 BLACK & WHITE MEET a winner! Not to be forgotten, of course, are the Paseo Aquatics athletes who competed for the first time this 2019/20 swim season—and did so with amazing results!


Monthly Milestones

Discovery/Jr. 1/Jr. 2

A special shout-out to COACH JIMMY OWENS and COACH DAMIEN PADILLA for motivating Paseo’s youngest swimmers to participate—many of whom swam in their first-ever race! A beaming Coach Jimmy could not have been more proud, “Huge congratulations to all our young swimmers, some who posted amazing drops and some who competed for the very first time. Brandon Grubb and Sadie Harris had special days and will be two swimmers to look out for this season.”


We saw COACH GARRETT McQUEEN introduce his swimmers along with Payton Bartlett, who carved a whopping 17 seconds off his 100 BUTTERFLY time! “Talk about improvement,” exclaimed Coach Garrett. “Great job!”


COACH ASIA ANTONIUK was extremely happy with all her Bronze swimmers, “All of my kids did a great job, given that this was our first meet of the season.  Our primary focus this last month has been technique, so I was really watching that more so than the swimmers’ times and am so proud of the progression seen from all their hard work.” Some double-digit drops were definitely noted with Jaquelyn Bezanilla dropping a whopping 13.72 seconds in her 100 Fly – so awesome!! Tyler O’Kane must have just watched JAWS or something, as he dropped 17.37 seconds in his 200IM and Nicole Sanchez clearly turned on the heat in her 200 Free, dropping 12.55 seconds! 


COACH DAIKI SATO had his Silver and Senior 1 Groups ready to launch!

Silver:  Cate Hindman had a phenomenal swim at the Paseo Black and White meet dropping an outstanding 9.5 seconds in the 100 yard fly with a swim of 1:05.98 and locking in a WAG cut in 13-14 age group.  Dean Bezanilla dropped 14.82 seconds in 200IM going from a 2:54.89 to a 2:40.07 and Delaney Cowan dropped 2.18 seconds in 100 fly going from a 1:08.28 to a 1:06.10 to earn her WAG cut for 13-14 age group.

SR1:  Adam Meldrum dropped a whopping 38.87 seconds in the 100 Fly going from a 1:40.09 to a 1:01.22.  Daniel Jo is the 4th swimmer in the SR1 group to get under the 1:00 threshold in the 100 fly and in the process, joined the "Swimming Down Under" Silver 40m club.  Although, 50 fly is not a typical event for a swimmer 13&Over, it is great to note that Helena Salvino is the 5th girl in SR1 to go under 30 seconds in the 50 butterfly!

It was also great to see that all the athletes have embraced how important developing the underwater portion of their races really is!


COACH CHRIS DAHOWSKI was extremely impressed with the performance of his Sr.2 athletes: “Watching these kids perform the skills that we run daily at practice was an enticing sign of things to come. We work hard at underwater swimming and the investment it brings to their racing. Seeing athletes such as Alyssa HamiltonJacob Aina and Michael Andrizzi put these skills to work at the meet was impressive.” He added, “We also spend a lot of time on the principles of specificity as it relates to race performance. Jedric Minano has really excelled at an explosive start. In Sr.2 we stress the importance of learning from each other. It’s great to have a group loaded with role models.”

All in all, it was a fantastic start in what promises to be an amazing swim season!


Community Outreach

This month, we celebrate our Sr. 1 swimmer, Ayden Reading, for his passion in helping kids in need.  Being one of the founders of the Valencia High School Help 4 Kids club, we are honored to have such a kind, compassionate person as part of our Paseo family!  Please read the below article, so beautifully written.

Also, Sr.2 families, please login to your site to register to bring items for the Sr.2 Bridge to Home Community Giving Event being held Oct. 17th!


A super workbook, “Conquer The Pool” by Olivier Poirier-Leroy, is a great resource for those swimmers dedicated to breaking through any mental traps that all athletes encounter.  You’ll be surprised at how mental training, including goal-setting, positive self-talk, visualization, perfection complexes, etc. will help athletes perform above and beyond their peers that are just as talented in the water. 

A SUPER article below featuring Caeleb Dressel and mental training…


“I have my goals somewhere I can see them, so when I get out of bed I know I’m waking up to work on what I’m trying to achieve.” – Michael Phelps


Each month we will offer a segment on Parent Education, hoping to share insight and information on becoming the best possible parent-of-a-club-swimmer you can be. This issue taps into a SwimSwam article dedicated to the new swim season, and what can be learned from the previous one:

Please click on the below!




“I think it is important to talk about what it means to be an athlete. The typical misconception is that it's only about the physical training but an athlete needs to embody the mantra "24/7 athlete". This does not mean they need to train 24/7 however it means that getting a good night’s rest, eating properly and also post-workout cool downs such as icing, stretching and rolling out, as they are also a part of the training. Also, making sure the kids are properly hydrated throughout the day is important as it helps prevent muscle cramps, dehydration and other unwanted inconveniences that may hinder training.” – Coach Daiki Sato


We LOVE our group teambuilding events!  So great to see the swimmers sitting together and supporting each other no matter their age or ability.  We ARE a Paseo Aquatics Family!


SoCal Swim Fall Clinic NEWS

What an honor to send Allison Elshoff and Daniel Jo, our swimmer representatives from Paseo Aquatics, to the SoCal Swim Fall Clinic last weekend!  Swimmer representatives from all over Southern CA came together to discuss what it means to represent your team.  They talked about maintaining a professional image, how official meetings are run, the importance of attending those meetings and how to make an impact in the swim community.  Allison and Daniel both felt that meeting swimmers from other regions really gave them the ability to exchange ideas and insight with other athletes from Southern California.  They both felt that being an athlete representative at this meeting broadened their scope of who we are as a community of swimmers and they really look forward to their partnership with the other athlete representatives in continuing to assist in creating a swimming community that any swimmer will immediately feel welcomed and instantaneously flourishin in.  THANK YOU, Allison and Daniel!!



Thanks to the indefatigable efforts of Head Coach CHRIS DAHOWSKI and Admin. extraordinaire, Kelly Zancanaro, Paseo Aquatics is nearing completion as a LEVEL 3 RECOGNIZED USA SWIM CLUB. 

Club Recognition is based on a number of categories, ranging from Business and Organizational success, Parent/Volunteer Development (i.e. recent Parent meetings), Coaching Education and Athlete Performance. Maintaining and exceeding these areas is tremendously time-consuming, tedious—and necessary. The ultimate objective of the program is to strengthen the club system in USA Swimming by guiding clubs through a development process that ultimately positions the program and its coaches to better serve athletes.

In addition to our Level 3 Recognition status on the horizon, Paseo Aquatics is happy to remind our families that we remain one of the few USA-Sanctioned Swim Clubs nationwide to earn the SafeSport banner so proudly displayed on our team website.  Please take this opportunity to discuss the Safe Sport topics with your children and remind them again that no photos, videos, SnapChat, TikTok etc. is allowed in any of the bathrooms and locker rooms for ANY reason.

Please take a moment to appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into running the Dry-side of Paseo Aquatics.  



We have approaching swim meets in October representing all Paseo Aquatics Age groups, so take advantage of every opportunity to race.

The PASEO AQUATICS FALL KICKOFF is a Paseo Aquatics hosted event, which not only brings the expectation of a large team turnout, but also means all parental hands on deck. We need volunteers to pull these meets off, meets that are incredibly valuable to the club.

The end of the month brings the annual KEVIN PERRY SENIOR MEET, open to our upper level swimmers. This year’s event carries the unique “Short Course Prelims-Long Course Finals” thanks to the 2020 Olympic year. Most swim meets leading up to the 2020 Olympic Trials will include Long Course events, providing opportunities for athletes to earn their Trial Cut.

Come see us at the Paseo SCY Fall Kick-Off to pay tribute to all those that we've lost, are fighting alongside and who have WON the fight against this horrific disease.



October 5th-6th, 2019

Santa Clarita Aquatics Center

20850 Centre Point Parkway

Santa Clarita, CA 91351

Groups: All



October 31st – November 3rd, 2019

La Mirada Regional Aquatic Center

13806 La Mirada Blvd.

La Mirada, CA

Groups: Silver, Senior 1 & Senior 2, (Please review qualifying times in the meet file)



November 2nd, 2019

Camarillo, CA   

Groups:  Discovery, Jr.1, Jr.2, Advanced, Bronze and some Silver swimmers


Other Important Dates

Sr.2 Community Giving – Bridge to Home

Thursday, October 17th, 4:30-5pm @ Castaic

Please login and sign up to assist with lunch items that the swimmers will be assembling into 75-80 lunches.


Paseo Swimmer Nutrition and Self-Care Workshop

Wednesday, October 23rd, 6-7pm @ Northbridge Point Clubhouse, 27595 Cunningham Drive, Valencia, CA

Please login to and register TODAY as space is limited and we want to assist our parents and swimmers in helping to give them a healthy edge on athlete care for ultimate performance.  Practices will be altered that day to allow the attendance of this workshop for our athletes.