Newsletter September 2019

Newsletter - September 2019


Welcome to a brand new season, Rupert Rapids! It’s great to see so many returning faces, as well as a whole bunch of new ones. As we’re jumping right in with both feet, here’s some useful information for you:


Upcoming Swim Meets

Duel Meets

Our first Duel Meet of the 2019-20 season will be held on Sunday October 6, 2019. This “meet” is open to everyone in the whole club, Minis to Masters, even if you’ve just started swimming. Come out and join us for a fun team building activity and a gentle introduction to competitive swimming. On deck at 8:45 am, done by about 11:30 am. Sign up on the website, or on the signup sheet found on the trophy case in the pool lobby.


Prince Rupert Regional Meet – Prince Rupert October 18-20, 2019

Time to start thinking and planning to attend. This meet is open to all swimmers from Class 2 to Class 6, and swimming at home where you can sleep in your own bed is a great way to start your competitive career. We strongly recommend that all our Class 2 and 3 swimmers attend this meet. Some Class 1.5 swimmers may also be invited by their coach to attend this meet. Please, feel free to talk to your coach if you have any questions.

Also, swim meets need lots of parent (or sibling!) volunteers to make them work. If you are relatively new to the club, please do volunteer. Don’t worry that you don’t know how to do the jobs, there is nothing like on-the-spot training to get you going! You’ll be paired with someone experienced to help you out. We also ask you to please provide a tray of food for the officials to eat during the meet; officiating is hungry business, and we can’t just walk away during the meet, so snacks are brought around. Sandwiches, vegetables and fruit, squares, cookies or other desserts – anything that can be eaten one-handed while holding your stopwatch in the other hand is welcome.

Officials Clinic

Introduction to Officiating/Timekeeping 

Thursday October 3 @7pm 
Skeena Room at the Crest Hotel

Any and all parents, guardians and relatives (even past swimmers) are welcome and encouraged to attend. Come and learn how to be a timekeeper.

Our swim meets require at minimum 30-40 volunteers to run. Invest in your child's swimming experience by coming out and learning how to help run our swim meets. We rely solely on our volunteers for these events!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Gerard Dan at 250-600-6699



Did you know we have a club website? Have you ever checked it out? This is a great place to look for information about what our club has been doing, schedules of upcoming swim meets and photos of our team doing what we do – swimming hard and having fun. This is where you look to find team records and contact information to order Team Gear.  You will also find our Swimmers of the Month here, a Coaches Corner with some (hopefully useful) tips and information, and past Newsletters.

Team Gear

Signi Solmundson is the person to talk to if you need goggles, team suits or swim caps, or fins, paddles, snorkels or one of those cool team backpacks. Signi will be at the Swim Meet in May, but she can be reached by email or text (and this contact info is also on the website!). You can look up sizes or explore different types of snorkels at 

Email:  [email protected]  text/phone: 250-600-3387


Fundraising opportunities 

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to another swimming season. I wanted to introduce myself to all of you, my name is Tamara Ward and I am the fundraising coordinator for the swim club. I will be working with Renee Pottle this season to transition her into this position.  If you have a small business or any ideas for new fundraisers please feel free to let me know, we are always looking for new ideas. If you run a fundraiser, you will automatically get $50 as well as 2% of the proceeds that will go towards your levy. If you are ever wanting to know where you are at with your fundraising or you have questions,  please feel free to contact me.

These are the fundraisers we are going to be having this season so far;


Chocolate covered almonds   --- Helena Joubert

Raffle tickets (cash prizes) --- Tamara Ward

Sandbags (October date tba) ---Ross Franes


Swim a thon -

Christmas Purdy’s---Margaret Cavin

Centennial Meats ---- Trudy Dolan

Mom’s Pantry ----




Cash Raffle --- Tamara Ward

Easter Purdy’s---

Swim a thon---- Trudy Dolan

Centennial Meats --- Trudy Dolan


Hopefully you can all take part in some of these fundraisers that are available!

Thank you

Tamara Ward

[email protected]


Masters Swimmers

Our scheduled practices are still MWF 6-7:30 am or 6-7 pm. If you have not yet registered, registration packages can be found on the door of the swim club office (upstairs at the pool). This year we are trying a new format for our drop-in swimmers; a prepaid punch card of 10 swims. Talk to your coach to see which option works best for you.


Coaches Corner: Planning your season

What do you mean, plan my season? Don’t I just come and swim?

Sure, you can just come and swim, and as a small child that’s what you do. But when you start getting a little older, it’s good to have some clear goals in mind. Just what is it that you want to accomplish this season? What are you aiming for? If you don’t know what you’re aiming for, how do you know when you’ve reached it?

At the beginning of each season our club mail out includes a schedule of swim meets for the year. We the coaches give you that information so that the swimmers (and their awesome supportive families) can plan ahead. Some of those big meets in the spring involve some long distance traveling, and parents need to book time off. Many of our swimmers are involved in multiple sports, and schedules have to be coordinated because as hard as you may try, you cannot be in more than one place at the same time.

Swimmers that have just begun to swim with the club like Minis and Class 1 and 1.5 should look at attending the Duel Meets here in Rupert. They are a great introduction to competition, only take up a Saturday or Sunday morning, and you don’t even have to travel.

Your next goal down the road would be a regional meet (Rupert, Terrace, Kitimat, Smithers). Swimmers in Class 1.5 could have attending their first swim meet as a season’s goal.

If you have been swimming with the club for a while, your goals are going to be a bit more complex, and require input from your family and your coach. Maybe you are trying for a best time. Maybe there’s a special swim meet you’d really like to attend. Not everything is under your control, but having a plan will make it much more likely that you’ll obtain your goals. Take a good look at the swim meet schedule. Decide which meets you really want to attend, and which fit your family schedule. Then take a good look at your best times (what? Me? Look at my own times?) and decide which of the big meets (like ManSask Championships) have Time Standards you are likely to qualify for. Talk it over with your parents and your coach. Work out the best possible scenario for succeeding, and commit to it. Post it somewhere to give yourself some motivation on those days when you’re just not feeling it, and are tempted to skip practice. Having a major goal makes it easier to stick to your training schedule.