PHX Wins Inaugural New England Swimming Open Water Championships!


Exciting news to report:

Phoenix Swimming is the 2019 New England Swimming Open Water Champions!

PHX swimmers (as a team) swept first place overall in the 500m swim, the 1k, and the 2.5k!

Top 10 Finishers were as follows:

11-12 500m Race

1st Skylar Knowlton
4th Abby Gowern
5th Morgan Batchelder
6th Kailyn Aquino
7th Hazel Jean Tracy
10 Orla Naughton

4th Leo Ferrucci

13-14 1k Race

7th Isabella Schneider
8th Ava Young
10th Brooke Malvey

5th Zachary Quitkin
7th Scott Kessel
10th Will Carrico

15-18 2.5k Race

1st Graeleigh Jones
4th Megan Reich
5th Alexis Martino
7th Eliza Williams
8th Natalie Young
9th Malia Amuan
10th Jenna Charlat

5th Maxwell Reich
6th Noah Kurr
7th Miles Lim
9th Andrew Bartolomucci

A huge congratulations again to everyone that participated and competed in the first ever New England Swimming Open Water Championships! What an exciting way to start the year!