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2019 Beat The Freeze Meet Review

2019 Beat the Freeze Meet Review

Beat the Freeze was our first competition of the 2018 TTST Short Course Season.  This was our third annual home-hosted swim meet held at our beautiful training facility, the Truckee Donner Community Pool.

Enthusiasm was high, and results were very impressive for our season kickoff. We had 58 TTST swimmers attend. All 6 TTST ability and training groups, Novice, Regional, All Stars, Pre-Senior, Senior Team, and National Team were racing at the 2019 Beat the Freeze.  This meet was our biggest Beat the Freeze yet with just under 400 swimmers from 16 different teams coming from all over Northern California and Nevada.

TTST swimmers raced and won 28 individual events across every age group. Congratulations to every one of you! With only a few weeks of practice, the team swam very well. It was especially great to see TTST swimmers cheering each other on, and experienced senior swimmers helping younger teammates figure out heat and lane assignments. A number of our swimmers really stepped up during the sessions they were not swimming in to volunteer to set up, time, run, work hospitality and clean up for volunteer jobs that were unfilled. These kids put in 12-hour days, showcasing our quality meet operations and hospitality. When we say, “It’s Truckee Time”, it not only means that we swim fast, but it also means that we know how to show our visiting swim families how wonderful it is to be in Truckee.

Swimming highlights by age groups:

  • 8 & Under:  Audrey, our youngest swimmer at age 4, Kiana, and Charlotte swam their first meet!  We also had 8 & Under returning swimmers Oey, Aria, and Walker racing all meet. Walker took 1st place in 6 events, winning the 50, 100, 200 Freestyles, and 25, 50, and 100 Breaststrokes, and broke 3 meet records.   
  • 9 – 10:  Brisa, and Robert swam their first meet!  We also had 9 – 10 returning swimmers Abigail, Kinley, Kathryn, Ty, and Peyton racing all meet.  Peyton broke 2 meet records, taking 1st place in 3 events: the 50 and 100 Breaststrokes, and 100 I.M.!
  • 11 – 12: All these swimmers are returning for more competition experience.  Rowan, Brynn, Hayley, Anna, John, Kyla, Macallan, Addison, Stella, Josh, Jessica, Josephine, Maris, Nathan, Sophia, Carter, Hope, and AJ raced all meet.  AJ took 1st place in 1 event, winning the 100 Breaststroke!     
  • 13 – 14: All these swimmers are returning for more competition experience.  Isaac, Kensington, Allie, Kaleb, Kara, Calissa, and Noah raced all meet.  This age group had two winners in Sydney, and Asher.  Sydney took 1st place in 6 events, winning the 200 Freestyle, 50, and 100 Backstroke, 50, and 100 Butterfly, and the 200 I.M!  Asher took 1st place in 2 events, winning the 400 I.M., and 100 Butterfly!
  • 15 – 16:  Campbell raced in his first ever USA Swimming Meet!  Returning for more competition experience was Alyssa, Cayton, Riley, Cody, Brooke, Ryan, Kendall, Claire, Caitlin, Lola, and Kaikea.  Kaikea took 1st place in 9 events with nearly all of them in meet record time.  Kaikea won the 50, 100 Freestyle, 50, 100 Butterfly, 100, 200, 400 I.M., and 50, 100 Backstrokes!
  • 17 – 18: Aaron, Dylan, and Hunter are all experienced swimmers for TTST.  Dylan took 1st place in the 200 Freestyle making it a clean sweep for TTST winners from every age group! 

Two TTST records were broken by Kaikea, and Caitlin.  SCY Team Records have been updated:   Click Here

  • Kaikea, broke the 15 – 16, and Open Boys TTST Record in the 400 I.M. going a 4:20.47
  • Caitlin, broke two 15 - 16 Girls TTST Records in the 400 I.M. going a 4:59.76

Since last season we also track our seasonal leading times by age groups.  Beat the Freeze started our seasonal top times leader board.  Season Top Times have been updated:  Click Here Congratulations to the swimmers for being top time leaders.

Meet highlights:

Hosting a home swim met requires an insane amount of planning, and execution can only be flawless if everyone does their part as a volunteer during the meet. Several families went above and beyond, and we couldn’t have done it without you. As you know, we require 5 hours of volunteer time per swimmer to host Beat the Freeze.

Meet Director Dan Kates yet again recruited a top tier officiating crew, worked seamlessly with the Rec Department, ensured our meet management/timing technology was flawless, and troubleshot throughout the meet sessions themselves.

The Kissinger family yet again were found all over the pool deck, at swimmer check in, running the technology center, and filling multiple USA Swim official volunteer positions. We are fortunate to have not only Callie’s mom and dad, but also her grandparents as a volunteer force multiplier on deck!

Volunteer coordination was led by Yvette Durant Bender and Megan Rumzie. Their job was like a mix of Jenga and Tetris, with a dash of magical wizardry. They worked tirelessly to ensure every volunteer role was filled, handled last-minute changes, and filled in for vacant volunteer slots when needed. Now that we’ve all seen how much work it takes to host a well-run and fun swim meet, we are hopeful that we can have more balanced staffing, with even distribution of work across all families.

Hospitality, run by Aimee Schaller and Wendy Elwell, blazed new ground for Beat the Freeze, with their BBQ meal deal for swimmers & families, and over the top hospitality for the USA Swim Officials and coaches. They essentially served 400 meals to officials and coaches over the course of the weekend, in addition to 126 BBQ Meal Deals all while keeping timers snacked and hydrated. Thanks to the Dads who worked the grill, including Kane, David, Jason, Mike, Patrick and Tom.

Erin Hanley did a masterful job running Clerk of the Course for the entire weekend, even when her daughter wasn’t swimming. She even recruited 2 colleagues from work to volunteer in some of the positions that were not filled by parent volunteers, and they don’t even have kids!

And let’s not forget the Lopez family. No matter which way you turned, you could see a Lopez kid or parent helping out, from setting up the deck to coaching to timing to flipping burgers to running to cleaning up, and, let’s not forget the 40 races those kids swam over the weekend!

The Smith family helped the Colorado timing desk and did all of the awards. The Madigan family fulfilled the head timer co-captain role, alongside the Query family who also co-captained head timer duties, plus they filled meet marshall slots. Shelly Purdy also stepped up to work alongside Chris Kissinger on the Colorado timing desk, along with Pam Kates and Tom Rumzie. Yvette Durant Bender and Jay Elwell made a dynamic duo, covering the announcer duties. And Diana Natali got her steps in as the captain of the meet runners. If you volunteered for significantly more than the 5 hour per swimmer commitment, and I somehow missed your name, I sincerely apologize!

We are very grateful to all the families that met their volunteer commitment of 5 hours per swimmer, and are especially grateful to those families who doubled, tripled, quadrupled and quintupled their volunteer commitment. In addition to the fundraising dollars Beat the Freeze brings to TTST, the meet is an opportunity to bring us together as a community. It built camaraderie and teamwork, created a sense of pride, and made memories beyond swim races. Thank you for being a part of all of it!

It takes a village to run a successful swim meet.  2019 Beat the Freeze was our most successful meet in our 3 years of hosting it.

I am so grateful to be head coach of Truckee Tahoe Swim Team.  It was a terrific start to another season of TTST.  Thank you everyone!

Swim on,

Coach Cyrus