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NOW News and Information October 03 2019

Good morning NOW Families,

There will be changes to the practice schedule for this Friday (October 4) and Saturday (October 5) due to homecoming activities at RHS.  Look for an email with the schedule soon.

THANK YOU to the 34 families who volunteered at Oktoberfest this past weekend:

Abdal, Arango, Barrett, Bastos, Carpenter, Chaparro, Chiapetta, Chen (multiple days/times), Coen, DeBenedictis, English, Flater, Forlines (multiple days/times),  Frazier/Johnson (multiple days/times and coordination), Guo/Wang, Jehle, Kalra, Krishnaswamy, Kumar, Landers, Lee, Lucier, Mahnke, Malani, Marchese, Martz, Murphy, Quitmeyer, Ray, Roggenbuck, Song, Swaffield, Tanaka, Telang, Ugorowski

The effort in making this event successful is very much appreciated!!

A quick note about age up dates.  For USA/MI swimming, the age up date (age group that the swimmer swims in) is the age of the swimmer on the first day of the meet. For YMCA meets, the age up date is whatever age the swimmer is on December 1st, 2019. For example, if your swimmer turns 11 on December 1st, 2019, he/she will swim in the 11-12 age group for all YMCA meets but would swim as a 10 year old in all USA/MI swimming meets until December 1st.

The NOW Intrasquad meet on Saturday October 12th is open for RSVP until October 5th . All swimmers are highly encouraged to attend. This meet replaces regularly scheduled practice for that day. Warm up starts promptly at noon. Meet starts at 1pm. This is a practice meet for swimmers and parent volunteers.  If you are new to the team, please volunteer for one of the open volunteer spots so that you are able to learn prior to the NOW hosted meet on November 9-10. 

The Birmingham Blue Dolphins host the Fall Festival at Lake Orion High School on October 26-27.  All swimmers are highly encouraged to attend at least one day of this meet.  All high school boys should swim at least one day of this meet. Please email the coaches (Coach Landon for green/gold/seniors and Coach Chris for red/white) with any questions on which events your swimmer should swim. Deadline for entries is October 18th. Each day of this meet counts 1 day towards the YMCA 3 meet rule (must swim 3 days of YMCA meets to enter any champioship meet). Email Jeff Roggenbuck (red/white group parent representative) for questions on how to enter the meets, what to bring, what to expect, etc....

The deadline for entries for the TYR Holland Fall Invite @ the Holland Aquatic Center (November 2-3)  is October 4th.  

The next NOW parent board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 15th from 7-8pm at the YMCA. We will be planning for the NOW Swim Your Own Age meet and miscellaneous other topics. We definitely welcome some additional parents to volunteer to become more involved. 

If there are any parents who are interested in becoming YMCA officials, please email Jane Evans to get signed up for level 1 official training on October 19 (8-12 at the Farmington Family YMCA).

Have a great week and see you at the pool!