USSC Jobs Table Information

October, November and December swim meets:

General Guidelines:
1.  Jobs Tables for the first 3 swim meets open on Saturday, October 12 at 10am.  As a reminder, each family will be limited to two job slots per swim meet.  We will have an additional 5 meets that require parent support (job slots) during the second half of the year (January-March), so families should try to target a total of 2-3 job slots during the first portion of the year and 3-4 jobs for the second portion of the year.  High School Girls families, please wait to fulfill your job slots during the second portion of the season.
2.  Please review the Membership Agreement to determine how many sessions your family needs to fulfill this season.
3.  Families who may have difficulty in reaching their job slot requirement at swim meets due to extenuating circumstances, please contact by Saturday, 10/5, to receive additional information about limited opportunities outside of working at swim meets.  

USSC Grab Bag Meet (300+ jobs)
Waterford Mott High School
October 25-27
Friday night: Junior and Above
AM Sessions: 11-12 Girls, 13&older swimmers
PM Sessions: Swimmers 10 & Under, and 11-12 Boys

November Closed Invite (150+ jobs)
Stoney Creek High School
November 9-10
AM Sessions: 10 & Under
PM Sessions: 11 & Older

December MCSL (40 jobs)
Stoney Creek High School
December 6
All Novice, Intermediate, Junior

Additional Job Opportunities the second half of the year include:
January 10-12 USSC Odd Age Meet (300+ jobs) ALL Groups
January 31-February 2 USSC Hot Chocolate Meet (250+ jobs) ALL Groups
February 15 USSC hosts High School Girls invite (40 jobs)
February 21-23 USSC 12 & Under Prelim/Final (250+ jobs) ALL 12 & Under.  Intermediate, Junior, AG 1 & 2 families, please plan on working at least 2 sessions at this meet!
March 28 MCSL Finals (20 jobs)

Final Fundraising Notes: Sponsorship/Ad information is due to Tracy Vrana ( by Sunday 10/6 in order to be included in the Grab Bag Meet programs.


Coach Erica