Fitter and Faster Camp to be run between sessions during Olympic Trials 2020


Hello Swim Families!   

We have some very exciting news! We have been invited to attend a Fitter and Faster 8-Day Swim Camp that will be taking place between prelims and finals at the 2020 Olympic Trials in Omaha, NE on June 21-28!   

If you are going to be watching the Olympic Trials, or even if you’re not, we recommend signing up ASAP! This camp is expected to sell out!   

Session sizes are limited. Each session will be led by Olympians who also specialize in teaching high performance technique. Click the link below to learn more and sign up today!  

Sign up before November 1st to be entered to win two tickets behind the blocks for one finals session of Olympic Trials!  

CLICK HERE for details and registration  

There will be two sessions each day, one for swimmers ages 11 and under and one for swimmers ages 12 and older. The curriculum each day will be:   

Sunday, June 21 – Butterfly

Monday, June 22 – Breaststroke

Tuesday, June 23 – Backstroke

Wednesday, June 24 – Freestyle

Thursday, June 25 – Starts

Friday, June 26 – Turns

Saturday, June 27 – Underwaters

Sunday, June 28 – Relay Exchanges & Finishes  

Sign up for individual sessions or SAVE with 4 session packages and an all 8 day package!  

See you there!   


Main Office: 786-837-6880



Instagram @fitterandfasterswimtour  |  Facebook: @fitterandfastertour  |  Twitter: @fitterandfaster

Main Office: 786-837-6880



Instagram @fitterandfasterswimtour  |  Facebook: @fitterandfastertour  |  Twitter: @fitterandfaster