NPAC- US Official Info if Interested!!

Hi US families,

As you know we are in need of a number of US Officials (whether it be an AO, Stroke and Turn or Meet Director).  The email below is geared towards stroke and turn.  Email me separately if you have interest in becoming an AO or Meet Director- job information can be found on MA website below!

I wanted to follow up with an email regarding US Stroke & Turn officials.  If you are at all interested you can find more information at:  There are several stroke & turn trainings scheduled over the next few months – see stroke & turn clinics @  This is the first step of the certification process and they will walk you thru everything else you need to complete at the clinic.


Just to reiterate & clarify:

-Working/Volunteering for Stroke & Turn (whether shadow or certified) at NPAC meets does count towards your meet job requirements for US Swimming.  Shadowing or working at a non-NPAC meet does not count towards your NPAC volunteer commitment

-In order to receive the 50% off ($500) one child credit for fall 2020 you must complete the following:

1) become US Stroke & Turn Certified by completing required training, including 6 shadow sessions, before the NPAC New Year’s Meet (Jan. 19-20)

2) Work 2 sessions at the NPAC New Years’s Meet, 1 session at the Valentine’s Meet, 1 session at the NPAC February Distance Meet, and 2 sessions at the MA Bronze Meet Hosted by NPAC (a total of 6 sessions). 


-NPAC will credit your team unify account $500 for the 2020 fall season after you complete these requirements.  You must submit a print out of your meets worked from  your OTS (officials tracking system) account from the MA website to the NPAC president as proof of sessions worked before your credit will be applied.

-To requalify for this discount for 2020, you must work 1 session at either the Halloween Distance Meet or February Distance Meet, 1 session NPAC stroke distance meet, 2 sessions NPAC New Year’s meet, 1 session NPAC Valentines meet, and 2 sessions at the MA Bronze Meet (If NPAC is hosting) in 2019/2020. (7 sessions total).   If your child is swimming in any of the NPAC hosted summer meets it is also expected you sign up for Stroke & turn as your job.


Expenses to Complete training:

-Annual Non athlete membership to USA Swimming - $75.  You will need to send in the form (can be found on the officials page of MA website).  NPAC will credit your TU account $75 once you complete your shadow sessions.  Once you are established as a certified stroke & turn for NPAC, NPAC will submit your registration and payment for you on an annual basis thereafter.

-Background check (once every 2 years) -$35 - this should be reimbursed by MA Swimming once you have completed your 6 session shadow training.  If this is not still the case (they should mention this in training) then NPAC will credit your TU the cost once you have completed your shadowing. 

-Uniform -white collared shirt; navy pants, capris, shorts or skort, and white shoes.  Most people have something already they can use or you find items fairly cheap – Kohl’s, Amazon, etc.  This cost would not be covered.

-Online Training clinic and US Swimming Safesport Training are free


Why should you become a certified Stroke & Turn official?

-It helps our club!!  We need a minimum of 4 stroke and turn officials per session to run any US meet

-You don’t have to sit in the hot, crowded stands, and you get a front row seat to watch your child swim

-Free Food!!  Most meets have a separate coaches and officials hospitality area

-Some teams offer small incentives to work - $10 Wawa gift cards, etc.

-Potential to write off some expenses (consult your accountant).  USA Swimming is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

-Free Middle Atlantic Swimming Apparel if you work 3 sessions at any a championship meet.  Some other larger meets offer free officials shirts as well (Speedo Classic in December at F&M is one)

-Meet new people


Any Questions??  Feel free to contact me or Mary Faikish.  Thanks for your consideration and if you decide to proceed with becoming certified, please let us know when you have completed your non-Athlete Membership and online training (if any) so we can help you get started!