KMSC Pro AM - Sign up


Lewisville, TX

December 19-22, 2019


We are in the process of planning the KMSC Pro AM trip. The PRO AM is a team travel meet. Please indicate whether you are planning to attend by Oct 15 so that we can make travel arrangements.

The proposed time standards for the KMSC Pro-AM are posted. They won’t be official for a week or two, but it is about 99% sure this is what they are.

KMSC Time Standards

Swimmers must make at least 1 priority and 1 bonus to attend.


Different meets have different qualification requirements. For a qualifying time to count for the KMSC Pro AM it must be in the SWIMS database. (This is a similar requirement to meets like Junior Nationals or the Olympic Trials) For a time to be in the SWIMS database the following things must occur


  1. A swimmer must be a USA Swimming registered swimmer at the time of the swim.

  2. The swim must occur in a USA Swimming Sanctioned, Approved, or Observed meet.


Most Y-only meets will not be in the SWIMS database (Y State and Y Nationals are entered in SWIMS).

The Swim Series meets held at the Appleton YMCA are not in the SWIMS database.

All other Swim Series meets are in SWIMS, as are swims from the Champion Meet.

High school Sectional and State meets are eligible for entry into the SWIMS database but aren’t put in automatically (coaches have to submit specific paperwork to have them entered into SWIMS.)

Other HS meets results aren’t eligible.

For the most part all meets hosted by teams that are exclusively USA Swimming Clubs will be in SWIMS. Meets hosted my YMCA teams vary. OSHY hosted meets are almost always USA Swimming Approved which means that they are in SWIMS (if the athlete is USA Swimming registered).