Security at Sandburg
Parents, the district is in the midst of enacting new security protocols for the building. During this time, as we try to determine how this will effect our access to the building, we are asking the following of everyone. First, please only enter and exit the building through the pool deck doors, until we are notified otherwise. No adults can be in the locker rooms while students are present. Please wait until after 5:15pm to enter the locker rooms to avoid issue. Everyone should remain in the pool area & balcony. Please do not go anywhere else in the building. Please do not loiter in the lockerrrooms. Any staff member has the right to deny anyone access to the building for security. If there is an issue of this type, do not despute it, or engage, call/ text me immediately, and I will address it. (215)715-4290. We are being precautionary until we understand how exactly these changes will effect us. Once we know more we will update this procedure. Thank you for your help.