YKPBSC Season Start Potluck 12 Oct 10-12:00

Good Afternoon All,

This 2019/2020 season is rolling out with the cooperation of lots of parents, coaches and fundraising volunteers. Thanks to everyone for making our club as strong as it is. It really is a team effort. If you are new to our group, you may be wondering what the YKPBSC Swim Community is all about. If this is you, you are in luck. This Saturday 12 October, we will hold the Season Start up Parent Information Session. This event is held as a Potluck Breakfast at the Curling Club at 10:00-12:00.

Here you can:

- meet the coaches

- sign up for volunteer jobs,

-fill out any missing paperwork,

-find out about upcoming season schedule - including away meets,

-shop for used gear and

-find out how to buy new gear with our team discount.

If you ask the swimmers, they will be more excited about the Sorting Ceremony which is when new swimmers get placed on their House Teams - Aurora, Ravens, Diamonds and Huskies. They wont want to miss it!

As a reminder - Polar Pups (Intro to Competitive Swimming) starts 16 October and Swim for Life (Recreational Competitive for Teens) starts 18 October. There are limited spots available. Please send any inqueries my way.