Aulea Weekly Update

 Congratulations to all swimmers on Aulea who participated in stop 1 of the Hawaiian Swimming Senior Circuit at VMAC on Saturday. The next Senior Circuit meet is at Punahou on 11/09 followed by Senior Championships on 11/22-11/24 at UH.  Senior meets are a great experience for qualified swimmers ages 11+ as its the first introduction to Open swimming (no age groups).  A huge thank you to our parent crew who helped with setup and breakdown and ran the meet hospitality.

Next weekend is a classified meet at VMAC on 10/12.  This meet is open to all swimmers on the club.  Please sign up no later than 6:00 PM tomorrow.

Here is the Aulea schedule this week, please pay close attention to your group's schedule:

Swim School: M/W (5:00-5:45)

Adv Swim School: M/W/TH (5:00-5:45)

Bronze: Monday, OFF, T/TH/F (5:00-6:00), W (5:45-6:45)

Silver: Monday (5:30-6:30 GROUP TESTING DAY), T (5:00-6:15), W (5:45-6:55), TH/F (5:00-6:15)

Gold: Monday (5:30-6:30 GROUP TESTING DAY), T-F (5:00-6:30)

Platinum: M/T/TH/F (5:00-6:30), W (OFF)

Junior: 5:00-7:00 (M-F), 7:00-8:30 AM (Sat at LJA)

Senior: 5:00-7:00 (M-F)

Senior Elite: Gym (M/W- 4:10-5:00, Sat- 10:00-11:00), AM practics (5:45-7:00 Tuesday, 7:00-9:00 Saturday), PM practices 5:00-7:00 (M-F)

Thanks for reading this everyone.  Please stay posted for our swim-a-thon launch campaign this week.  It should be a GREAT event for all team members with a focus on fun that also raises essential funds for our team for travel, incentives and equipment.

Happy Streamlines and Gooooo Aulea!

Coach Joe