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Top 5 Biggest Losers at HEAT

We had a great first meet of the 2019-2020 short course season.  Congratulations to the following swimmers for making the Top 5 biggest losers of the meet (most time dropped).

#5)  Bailey T dropped 12.53 seconds with 5 best times

#4) Chloe S dropped 14.31 seconds with 3 best times

#3) Dylan N dropped 25.15 seconds with 4 best times (He also swam two new events)

#2 McKelvey B dopped 27.87 seconds with 5 best times.

#1 Chloe A dopped 28.07 seconds with 2 best times

And a special SHOUT OUT to Braydon J who swam in a meet for VSC for the first time.  He had some great swims too!