Stingrays News Update - week of 10/7/19

Happy Monday!

We’re starting our second week of October, and we have lots of exciting things happening this month! Many of you received SPONSORSHIP FORMS at the Parent Meeting in August, but if you didn’t, please download and print the sponsorship form here, and then take it to your:

  • dentist/orthodontist/eye doctor/etc.
  • vet/pet care facility
  • massage therapist/nail salon
  • favorite restaurants
  • small businesses (especially if you happen to own one!)

These sponsorships are part of our biggest fundraising efforts of the year – our hosted swim meets! Over the next few weeks, you will begin attending YMCA meets (see the schedule here) and you will note that the meet on December 7-8 is one that FFYS hosts. And we don’t just host…we pride ourselves on running the BEST swim meet in the state. We do this with your help and participation!  Soon we will be sending out our volunteer signup for our meet in December, and we will be requiring all families to sign up for at least two volunteer slots! Stay tuned for more info!

News for this week:

  • We have a normal practice schedule this week.
  • The FFYS Meet Planning Meeting is this Wednesday, October 9 at 7pm at North Farmington. Want to learn more about how we run our amazing meets? Come join us!
  • There is still plenty of space available in our Level 1 and Level 2 Officials Training to be held at the Farmington YMCA on Saturday, October 19! Click here for more info! We need parents to become officials! Questions? Contact Dave Nykanen!
  • The BBD Fall Festival will be held on October 26-27 at Lake Orion High School, and you can sign up  HERE. Each session that you compete in at this meet counts toward the three-meet requirement for the season, and the coaches expect every swimmer to attend at least one session of this meet.  New swimmers can ask their coaches what events they are ready to swim.  Not sure how to sign up?   Click here for answers!
  • The 19th Annual TYR Red, White, and Blue Classic will be held on November 15-17 at Dexter Community pool. The signup is live in the system and can be found here. This is a USA meet (USA Swimming membership is required to register).

And…the most exciting news…the Swimmer of the Week Award!

Miniray – Brian Abercrombie

Bronze – Aidan Sapios

Silver – Olivia Murphy

Gold – Alex Moga

Senior – Emme D’Errico

Congratulations to all for their great efforts and attitudes all week long! Keep it up!

This week in the pool:

Minirays and Bronze Group: We will begin learning butterfly this week, in addition to continuing to work on breaststroke. Bronze group will also begin open turns. With our first YMCA meet approaching, we will also continue to review key concepts for backstroke and freestyle.

Silver Group: We will focus primarily on the butterfly to backstroke IM exchange this week. We will also review backstroke flip turns and underwaters. This week’s test set is 200’s. Just a gentle reminder that Friday practices are meant to be attended; if you can make it to Friday practice, you should be there more often than not.

Gold Group: We will continue working on relay exchanges. Test set this week is 2 x 500s. We will also continue our progression on drop-downs for freestyle. Dryland days are Monday & Friday.

Senior Group: We will have Dryland on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday. Please remember to wear shorts, t-shirt and gym shoes. Also everyone should be bringing all of their equipment AND a water bottle to each practice. Test set this week is 500’s and we will be spending time on IM exchange turns, starts and relay exchanges.

Things to ask your swimmer:


  • How do you like the butterfly?
  • How do you do an open turn? What is important to remember on a breaststroke and butterfly open turn? (TWO HAND TOUCH!!!)
  • What do you think you are ready to swim at the BBD Meet? (Sign up  HERE!)


  • What is your goal for your 200s test set? How did you do compared to your goal?
  • What is important to remember on your butterfly-to-backstroke IM transition turn?
  • What do you want to swim at the BBD Meet? (Sign up  HERE!)


  • What is your goal for your 500s test set? How did you do compared to your goal?
  • Do you have your dryland clothes (Monday/Friday)? Including gym shoes???
  • What do you want to swim at the BBD Meet? (Sign up  HERE!)


  • What is your goal for your 500s test set? How did you do compared to your goal?
  • What are you doing to improve your IM transition turns?
  • Do you have your dryland clothes (Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday)? Including gym shoes??
  • What do you want to swim at the BBD Meet? (Sign up  HERE!)

Have a wonderful week, Stingrays!