Update week of 7 October 2019

 Hi All,

A reminder that this weekend we'll swim Saturday 12 October but there are no practices on Sunday 13 October, nor Monday 14 October for Thanksgiving.

Saturday's practice this week will run 8-10am as there are no community swim lessons after our practice due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Two minor corrections to Alicia's message have been added to the News item she posted on our website.  These corrections are:

1) our first Age Group meet will be Sunday 27 October in the morning at Dalplex.  We will not be swimming in the relay events on Saturday 26 October.

2) while snacks are important for your swimmers, please do remember the Shearwater policy of No Food On Deck.  Please have your swimmer eat their snack ahead of practice or after practice, but do not bring the food out on deck.  Water bottles are acceptable on deck.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or questions about the season this year.  If you are new to the club please be on the lookout at later this week, as I will be posting a news item on the website on what to expect at Nova Tech meets.