Bishop State Basketball Season and Locker/Restrooms

Basketball season at Bishop State will begin in October. Below are rules that must be followed by all swimmers and parents on day there are basketball games during swim practice. This is for everyone's privacy.

Rules when CMSA's practice and Bishop State's basketball games fall on the same day :

1. CMSA swimmers, coaches and parents will not be able to use the locker rooms (accessible from the pool deck) as they will be used by Bishop Sate and visiting basketball teams. 
2. Women's and men's basketball locker rooms are always off-limits to swimmers and the general public for bathroom access.
3. As swimmers come out of the pool area, they must be fully dressed and also dry when if going to the restrooms and/or snack machines.
4. Restrooms CMSA swimmers will be able to use are the main lobby restrooms (walk onto the pool deck, then the length of the pool and exit right out of those doors, past the gym and concession stand and the restrooms are on the left.

Dates these rules are in effect (mark on your calendar if your child typically changes at the pool):
ctober – 10, 16, 23
November – 6, 15, 16, 21, 26
December – 5, 10, 16
January – 11, 16, 23
February – 3, 17, 24