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MD Swimming Tech Suit Policy 12&U

NEWS FLASH!!!!!  MD Swimming Tech Suit Policy 

In accordance with MD swimming, a “Tech Suit” ban is in effect for any swimmers 12 years of age and younger.    A “Tech Suit” is defined as “any suit with bonded seams, kinetic tape or meshed seams and any suit with woven fabric extending past the hips”.  

While the official tech suit ban from USA swimming will go into effect for the 2020-2021 season, Maryland Swimming has decided to use this year as an opportunity to be preventive and educational.   

If they notice a tech suit violation on a 12&U swimmer prior to or after a race or at a meet, they will issue a warning during this season.   All disqualifications will begin to incur after USA Swimming implements the rule in 2020.   The Referee will approach the coach on deck to discuss the suit.    

This new policy will be in affect for all Maryland swim Meets.    Mid Atlantic PA swim meets have similar rules, however it is currently for any swimmer 10 years of age and younger. 

The following suits are currently allowed (please note this list is subject to change):  

Speedo Aquablade (male and female) 

TYR Fushion 2 (male and female) 

Speedo LZR Razor Pro Recordbreaker (Women ONLY.  NO Kneeskin)

MD Swimming will post an updated list of approved lower level tech suits sometime in the near future.  These suits will be Fina approved, but also contain another sticker stating they are 12&U approved.  

Note:   This does not apply to the new team suits.     

Please carefully read each meet notice to confirm the rules.   If you have any questions or are unsure, please have your swimmer bring an extra suit with them.  

You can find more detailed information below:

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