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Exciting events coming up!

As Fall sports finish, you will begin to see an increased attendance at practice. We will continue offering clinics and filming with Ian. This is a special FREE offering by our swim team open to our membership, so when Bonnie sends out the notice SIGN UP!


As you know, we are a team of over 200 swimmers training at different pool sites. 

I learned  a long time ago that one coach can’t meet the needs of all swimmers even though we try. Each coach has their own unique way of working with swimmers. KCSA prides itself in our flexibility, which means that you can train at any of our sites with any of our coaches. Just help us by co-ordinating with Bonita so we can get you on the correct attendance roster!  

You can also mix and match if it is easier for you!



Each meet is different and if you are new to year round swimming it can be confusing at times. Bonnie is available  to help you so just email her with your questions and she will get back to you within 24 hrs. 

Eryn Baird Splashdown… This meet is our big fundraiser. When Bonnie sends out information respond quickly because some jobs go really quickly. There are lots of ways to help so read her emails and just ask!  Just as a reminder we are a not for profit 501(c)3 organization. So any donations are tax deductible. 


Coach Ann and Coach Bridget has put together a small fundraiser a swim-a-thon, which will be offered at each site. It is another opportunity to fulfill your fundraising membership requirement. 



Your membership/program fees go towards salaries, pool rental and the general operating costs. In the last two years our pool rentals have increased from $12 to over $30 an hour with the new SMSD pool over $100/hr. Most area swim teams have chosen to run 3-5 swim meets a year or other fundraisers. KCSA is trying to keep our fundraisers limited so please support us. Swimming is a great activity for your child. No sitting on the bench here!  Our age groupers advance to their high school teams in great shape to participate and contribute to their high school teams, which is a great opportunity for them. 


Olympic Trials in 2020 : Every four years, swimmers travel to Omaha to tryout for the Olympics. In 2016, we were the top Club program in our District and Region with 3 qualifiers- Alex Albracht, Cailey Grunhard and Sam Disette. This summer Sam (U of Alabama) qualified in the 50m free with the impressive time of 22.7. Alex is retired after a great college career at U of Virginia and Cailey is a NCAA qualifier at the U of Notre Dame. We are working diligently in the pool to get more qualifications and wish all of our swimmers best times this season. 

Dual Citizenship : This summer Lex Hernandez-Nietling qualified and participated at the World Junior Championships in Budapest for Mexico. Mike Aldaco competed in Europe for Slavania. If your family has dual citizenship, let us know and we will work to get them information on competing internationally 



My main focus for much of my career has been competitive swimming. I graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Education and PE but always planned on just being a swim coach (something not available in the 1970’s for women). When I arrived in Kansas City, I worked towards a Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology from KU (6 hrs short due to their scheduling classes on Thursdays when I needed to coach at the larger meets). In the early 2000’s an area tragedy- 2 young boys from Raytown drowning at a summer camp in Iowa-made me realize that KCSA, and I, had to do more for our community… SAVE LIVES THROUGH SWIM INSTRUCTION. Thus was born KC Infant Aquatics and Project Zero. 

We are the only certified USA swim team with certified Infant Aquatic program in KC. Although its a lot of work and scheduling gets a little hectic I am SO proud of our leadership in this area. Our SuperKids program is so special. Those little kids bring me so much joy. Some will be swimming in our big meet and it will be a blast watching them accomplishing swimming 25 yds!  Our goal!  Special Thanks to our senior swimmers who are teaching with me this winter. You are the best!

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