BASH update

Practice Changes –

Regular Friday practices – except swimmers in the Distance meet

Saturday, October 12 – NO Senior 1 or 2 NOR AG 1 Swim practices. Only AG 2 swimming Saturday AM.

Sunday, October 13 – regular Sunday evening practices.

Swimmers in the Distant Meet this Friday and Saturday got a separate email with Warm up and start times.

NEW Coach – Coach Ed will start this coming Monday with AG 2 and Senior 2, please welcome him to our team!

Swim Caps – still can sign up until October 13!! Do so today!

Tee shirt ideas – We are looking for an idea for our teams’ tee shirt – send to Coach Bill. You don’t have to be an artist, just need an idea. We will have to follow the YMCA Branding rules, but we can adjust your idea to meet the rules.

Next Weekend’s Sprint meet and Virtual meet will be open for sign ups.