September SOTM

Congratulations to our September   Swimmers of the Month!


Alex W. is Seniors first swimmer of the month for the season! With nearly perfect attendance, Alex has been working hard challenging himself at practice. His practice habits have taken a complete 180 from a year ago and the coaches are so excited to watch his hard work pay off big time this season!

Senior Development

Alex O. is also rocking nearly 100% attendance this season so far! He shows up ready to work hard, leading lanes & always racing. Watch out for Alex on the blocks this year! Keep up the hard work Alex.

Youth Flex

Matthew R. is Youth Flex's swimmer of the month. He always listens and does his best in every practice. He also has the top attendance in the group. Keep up the good work!



Louis L. is Richards 1st SOTM. Louis is an incredible athlete who is always looking to learn. He is never afraid to ask questions after practice to find out what he can do to be a better swimmer. He also works very hard in the pool! Keep up the good work!

Swimmer of the month for Sandra's Junior group is Drew Amphlett. Drew has had a strong start this season and is always a smiling face on deck. She is training hard and often leading the way during practice. Congratulations Drew!

Junior Development

Our Junior Development Swimmer of the Month for September is Maria Hana. Maria is off to a phenomenal start! Maria has shown that she is 'all in' right from the start. We have been working on some fundamental skills which will be so important to master as we move forward in the season and Maria has shown true commitment to mastering and implementing these skills. Every practice, without prompting Maria has been implementing and improving on all of those skills. Excellent starts, tight streamlines, kicking off the wall past the flags...these are just some of the great techniques that we see every day from Maria. Excellent job Maria!!!!


Green 1 Novice SOTM Myles Quintana is a familiar face ... he was the recipient of last season's "New Marlin" award and he is still working hard and training well. Myles is often demonstrating skills for his teammates and doing an awesome job! Congratulations Myles :) Novice has a lot of outstanding new team members this season ...

Purple 1 SOTM is Lauren Johnson. Lauren is always a smiling face on deck and is training hard and making sure to ask questions to help her learn her new skills. Keep up the awesome work Lauren ... congratulations!!

Our September Swimmer of the Month for the NOVICE GREEN 2 group is Ava Badovinac! Ava brings a positive and pleasant energy with her to every practice. This is something we always want to acknowledge and encourage in all our athletes. After all, everything seems easier when you smile! Beyond a great attitude Ava also brings a great work ethic. She strives to achieve the goals of each practice and has shown improvement in just the few weeks we have been practicing. Great job Ava! Keep working hard and keep smiling!

Swimmer of the month Ciara Heaton for Purple 2. Always at practice ready to do her best. Works very hard every practice and always pays attention to her coach.