EMAC Flight To Tokyo

Hello EMAC

If you attended the meetings at the beginning of the year...or...if you read our communications you are aware of our EMAC Team Flight To Tokyo.

The Olympics are coming this summer.  In the year leading up to the Olympics, we will have some fun challenging our team to make it to Tokyo...figuratively.

There are 6,707 miles from Allentown to Tokyo.  We have established a list of swimmer accomplishments and related reward miles.  For example, a fastest time equals 1 mile.  To see the complete list of accomplishments and reward miles, click HERE.  

We will be keeping track of our progress using a graphic on the front page of our website.  After the Intrasquad Meet, EMAC Pentathlon, and PAAC Pentathlon, we have traveled 943 miles.  

WHEN we reach Tokyo, we will choose a day the following week to have a pizza/pool party instead of practice.  

We are looking forward to our Alloy Alliance Meet this weekend when we will likely blow past the 1,000 mile marker on our journey.

To see the results of the three meets so far, click on the names of the meets below.

EMAC Intrasquad Meet

EMAC Pentathlon

PAAC Pentathlon

Click HERE to see a summary of our progress so far...943 miles!

Keep up the great work, swimmers, parents, and coaches!!!

Coach Doug