NPAC- This Week in News (10/14-10/20)


Hope you all had a nice weekend.  There are a few things to go over for the upcoming week (some are same as what was discussed last week):

  • No 8 & under SAL practice on Tuesday, October 15th due to Home HS Water Polo.  SAL 9 & Up WILL practice- please be patient if there is a short delay in start time.  US WILL practice normal time.
  • Clothing Drive for NP Aquatics- This is the last week to drop off your items.  I have attached the flyer for you to look over again.  
  • NPAC “Give back to the community”-  With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are working on a fundraiser/charity donation.  More information to follow!!!
  • SAL Invitational entry deadlines (meets are optional):
    • Pennridge Time Trials- Due Tomorrow, October 14th
  • NPAC Trophy Meet on Nov 24th-
    • NPAC Entry Report for Trophy Meet is attached.  If you have any changes, please let Cheryl Clark know by tomorrow evening, no exceptions. Her email is
    • PLEASE NOTE:  We have changed the volunteer requirement for this meet.  You have to work 1 job (any job within the 3 sessions) ONLY IF your swimmer is attending this meet. 
    • Snack bar signup will come out closer to the meet date.  Everyone MUST contribute one item regardless of attending meet. 
  • Job Requirements for SAL/US-
    • If you are unsure of how many jobs you are required to work for SAL or US, please visit our website under the SAL Swim or US Swim tab and look for the volunteer requirement section. (HS Only parents do NOT need to work any SAL jobs but DO need to work US jobs).
    • Our goal is to find jobs for every family that is willing to work.  Please reach out to the meet directors if you are short jobs and need help finding one.  We will make sure you get your jobs in!!!
  • Time Trials and all SAL Meets: 
    • Reminder:  Time Trials is Saturday, October 26th.  Arrival is 11:45 AM, Warm-Up is 12:00 PM and start time is 12:30 PM.  Deadline for declaring your swimmer for the meet is Thursday, October 24th.  All swimmers attending will get a free pretzel and water, Whoo hoo!!!
    • SAL meets are posted under the “team functions” section of the website, under the photos.
    • Please go in and declare your swimmer as attending/declining.  You can find this option right next to the meet and job signup up links. 
  • All returning US Members:
    • Your 2020 US Registration renewal will be submitted on Oct 15th.  Thanks to those who have let me know they will no longer be swimming US.
    • Once we receive confirmation from MA- US, your card on file will be charged the $75 Membership fee. 
    • Those new to US have already been registered for 2020!!!

That’s it for now!  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Otherwise, see you at the pool this week.