FAST Intrasquad Meet Recap

Intrasquad Meet Recap

Thank you to all of the parents who volunteered at the FAST Intrasquad Meet, you did a great job keeping the meet running Saturday afternoon. Another thank you to Arete, Challenge, and Senior for helping to set up the pool so it was meet ready, being a Coach for the day, and for cheering on all of your teammates at FAST.

The Intrasquad meet was our first meet of the season and for many swimmers their first meet ever! The kids did a great job of talking to their “coaches” before and after races, this is what we except at all meet. As with any meet we had a few kids miss races and/or get disqualified, most everyone this happened to were able to learn from their mistake and were ready to go for their next race with a positive attitude. It was great watching kids take on the challenge of something new and giving it their all.

The coaches had a great time watching our older swimmers interact with the younger swimmer, and our more experienced athletes help out our athletes with less experience. As the meet progressed we noticed certain trends in our athletes including great body line, underwaters off the blocks, and team spirit!  As always there is always room for improvement, each coach has taken something from that meet and are working with our athletes to make some positive changes. We are looking forward to this season and are expecting to see some great racing going forward!!