Week 10 - Choosing Your Focus
Week 10 - Choosing Your Focus

Happy Sunday  Bengal Families!

Another Amazing week in the books for us as a team! As we start to look ahead at Championship Season we have an opportunity to chose our focus and that is what we will be talking about this week. 

In a world of content overload, its easy to focus on all the wrong things or not have a fous at all. But the best part is WE GET TO CHOOSE where our focus is. Instead of focusing on all the things going wrong we can focus on how we are going to make the next set, next dive, next practice, next meet, next race a great one! We get to chose if we focus on being sad that the season is over or focus on making the most of whats left of the season. Dwelling on the negative doesn't help athletes achive the next level. We don't want them to dwell on the past, we want them to learn from and focus on the lessons to learn. 

We can even learn from our successes! Part of the reason we are undefeated up to this point is we have focused on rising to the challenge when under pressure. But we cannot rest on our record, we still need to focus on how we are going to replicate success by focusing on the details, focusing on what we can control which is our attitudes, our mindset and us. We want to use competition as motivatoin but not focus on what others are doing because we can't control others! Chosing our focus is a life skill and learning how to shift from the uncontrollables to the controllables will help them have continued success with the time we have left this season. 

Craft Fair This Week!

We have the Craft Fair this weekend! THANK YOU to those of you who have signed up already! We have a few more clean up coordinators needed for Saturday afternoon! Here are the logistics of the weekend: 

Friday Night: 
- JV Atheltes end practice at 5pm and head to the BHS Field House to start helping move in crafters.  
- Varsity Athletes end practice at 5:30 and head to the BHS Field House to help move in crafters. 
- PIZZA will be provided for the athletes 
- Atheltes (and parents) should expect to be at the field house helping until at least 9pm Coaches will dismiss atheltes 
- Atheltes should be  DRESSED FOR THE WEATHER


- True Team State Atheltes should still plan on helping at the craft fair during the day 
- Non-True Team athletes should plan on helping to clean up the craft fair 

- Parents please sign up your atheltes for shifts on our website! 

Oh the Weather Outside is Weather: While I'm not exactly sure which season we are in this week, athletes MUST dress for the weather. We do not want atheltes getting sick this close to the end of the season! So atheltes MAY NOT leave the pool in just swim suits and should have jackets, hats, gloves, close toed shoes, socks, etc. 

True Team State: Our atheltes had an amazing day on Saturday so we advanced to True Team State! Athletes particpating in the meet should plan on dinner after the meet at Chipolte. The meet starts at 5pm and should be over by 8pm. 

Armstrong Meet Tuesday: This is a unique away meet. They do not have a diving board at their pool so diving will take place from 2:30pm-4pm at the Plymouth Lifetime. Swimming will take place at 6pm as usual at Plymouth Middle School. Address is on our website! This is a 6 lane pool so I will do my best to give athletes an opportunity to swim multiple events. Swimming bus will leave and return from NORTHDALE not BHS and regular shuttles will run. 

Schedule This Week

Monday : Practice 3:30-5:30 Varsity 5:30-6:00 
Tuesday Away vs. Armstrong Bus Leaves Northdale at 4pm. 
Wednesday : Practice 3:30-5:30 Varsity: 5:30-6:00 - Section Team Announced
Thursday Practice 3:30-5:30 Varsity: 5:30-6:00
Friday : Practice 3:30-5:00  and Craft Fair Set Up  
Saturday : NO JV PRACTICE - Craft Fair Work -  True Team Sections State @ 5:00pm Bus leaves BHS Field House at 3pm


I am choosing to focus on the amazing things we can still accomplish instead of getting choaked up about how this season is almost over! Choose to focus on the positive this week! 

Kristen Luedtke
Head Coach - Blaine Girls Swimming and Diving