Swimming in the bubble and indoor air quality

We wanted to discuss the policy for SCAT for team members that may have struggle with the indoor air quality at Kedron.  

Please know that your swimmer may leave a practice if they feel it is necessary due to breathing issues.  Coaches cannot and will not make the decision for any individual when it comes to their wellbeing.  That said, once a swimmer leaves for compromised breathing, we will recommend that they leave for the evening as it does not get better with rest and then returning to the same air.

I have called Kedron administration this morning and let them know that last night we did have a handful of swimmers that were struggling.  I was informed the following:

"It was the first day with the bubble up and running.  The heat/air pump has been replaced, filters have been replaced and there is a new computer system running this year.  It is possible that they need to tweak levels to make sure all systems are running optimally.  They will check again this morning as well as this afternoon prior to our team arriving to check chlorine and pH levels. "

Here is what we ask of SCAT families, please understand our team policy and explain to your swimmer what they can do in the event they are struggling with breathing. 

Please also understand it is our coaches job to push your swimmers past comfort zones and it is a fine line between the two.  An athlete knows their body best and we will respect that.  It does not mean that coaches will not continue coaching the athletes that are still in the water and not struggling.  Asthma and allergies will make it much more difficult for a swimmer than someone not battling either of these issues, so coaches will continue to run workouts. 

I appreciate the two families that sent me emails this morning to let us know last night seemed worse than normal.  I will always contact Kedron pool administration when/if I hear from you.  We do continue to ask that you contact me first and allow us a chance to call to resolve the situation.  It is everyone's goal to have the best air quality possible.

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