EMAC: On-The-Horizon 10/15/19

Hello EMAC Families,

We have several items to communicate through this weeks "On-The-Horizon".  First, we will be reopening the personalized cap order form through Friday the 18th.  After Friday we will be placing the order and will no longer be able to add additional requests.  If you want personalized caps, please fill this form out ASAP.


With MA Swimming now releasing the Championship Series Cuts, we can really start collecting miles for our flight to Tokyo!  Ontop of collecting our "Cuts Miles", we are well on our way to getting a planes worth of best times! 

At the conclusion of the Alloy Alliance meet, we now have a total of 663 fastest times this year.  After the same meet last year, we had 411.  That is over 250 more faster times this year than at the same time last year.  Keep it up EMAC!


There will be no practice on the following days due to other activities going on in the Emmaus Area:

  • Oct 23rd - No Age Group Practice:  School locked down after 5:00pm
  • Oct 31st - No Age Group Practice:  Trick-or-Treat in the Emmaus Area

Changes to the practice schedule for Age Group athletes are as follows:

  • Oct 26th - 1st Wasp EX Additional Practice:  Practice time is 9:00am-10:30am on Saturday.  Coaches will inform athletes at practice the day prior who is eligible to attend based on their current practice attendance.
  • Oct 30th - EMAC Spooky Day!  Feel Free to come to practice in your Trick-or-Treat Costume, but also bring your suit as we will be getting in the water and having fun for Halloween.  Candy will be aplenty!


  • We had an amazing meet this past weekend at the Alloy Alliance!  Because of this: Coaches are looking over swimmers events for the NT/Mini NT and are changing a few things.  We will be posting final entries at the pool Wednesday October 16th for athlete review.  Please have your swimmer review their entries so they know what they are swimming.  A swimmer is not set up for a successful meet when they show up to warm-up not knowing what they are competing in that day.
  • Be on the look out for a seperate email about Session Times and Warm-Up assignments from Coach Seth once we receive the information from the Host Team within the next day or so.


There is a new tab at the top of website entitiled "Meets".  Underneath you will find the results of all meets our swimmers have completed up to this point.  Here are the results from the Alloy Alliance Meet this past Saturday. There is a lot of information on this document, what we want everyone to be aware of are the two lines labled standard and improvement.  The standard line will tell you what championship meet your swimmer has a cut in for that event, while the improvement line will tell you how much they have grown in that event from their best time thus far.


We have two upcoming meets in November. These are our lead up meets to SJAC, so knowing what you are swimming and how it is important to your Winter Rest is a focal point over the next couple months. Please have your swimmer review their entries and approach a coach with any questions they have about their events. 


There are two important Meet Entry Dates upcoming on our Calendar.

  • October 30th
    • Alloy Alliance Leg 2
    • Duck Hunt Derby
    • Mini Duck Hunt
  • November 13th
    • Alloy Alliance Championship
    • EMAC Winter Invite

It is strongly encouraged that all EMAC athletes attend the Duck Hunt and the Winter Invite as these are major focal meets coming out of SJAC. These meets will be used as set up meets leading into Champs!

See you at the pool!