Fall IMX Challenge

    The 2019-2020 short course season has finally kicked off, and the Crocs began the year with plenty of excellent performances. Thanks to all 43 swimmers who competed at the 2019 Fall IMX Challenge in Spokane last weekend. Below are just some of the highlights from a great weekend of swimming!

     New CAST member Jacob Ballard takes top billing for his sterling performance. Jacob competed in 5 very tough events on Saturday and made it onto the All-Time CAST top 10 performers list in all 5! Jacob won the 100 freestyle, 200 IM, was second in the 200 fly and 200 breast with a 5 second time drop, and was 3rd in the 100 backstroke. Several other Crocs took home top honors in events in their respective age groups as well. Maggie Sobek was 6 for 10 on best times, dusting the 8 and under girl’s field with 8 first place finishes. Gabby Garasky also had a full slate of 10 long and difficult events, earning a pair of best times and winning 4 races; she never finished lower than 3rd in any event. Soa Kimstayton won 3 events in the 8 and under boys division, and earned 6 new personal bests. Soa showed much improved focus and discipline in his stroke work this weekend that is going to continue to pay off for him! Lauren Stephens was a perfect 7 for 7 on best times, capped off by a terrific 3 second drop and first place finish in the 100 backstroke for the 11-12 girls. Zach Linford was also a member of the 100% club, with all 5 best times and a win and 2 second drop in the 11-12 boys 100 fly.

    CAST had four rookies travel to the meet, with what we hope are the beginning of long and successful swimming careers! The first shout out has to go to Macey Yancey, who jumped in full bore by swimming an incredible full slate of 10 events. Macey courageously took on much longer and more challenging events than usual for a first meet, like the 200 IM and 100 fly, and did it all with a big smile and a great attitude. Owen Christiansen had terrifically fast swims in his 50 back and 50 free, finishing 9th and 10th, while smashing the early No Time heats. Anna Christiansen had similar success in her 50 free and 50 back, showing a real knack for racing right out of the gate! Charli Hermsmeyer had an unbelievable first race in the 50 backstroke with a blazing 45 second swim that put her 7th place in the 9-10 girl’s division, and a very strong 50 free to finish out her day. Great job new Crocs!

    Several swimmers started the year off with a real flourish, with 100% or nearly 100% best times. Rachel Nicholls was one of only 2 swimmers to compete in 10 events and drop time in every single one, a very rare accomplishment for any swimmer. She finished second in a whopping 8 of those races! Camryn Schmidt also dropped time in all 10 of her events, is knocking on the door of several prestigious Age Group Sectional cuts for next Spring, and had 3 second places finishes. Jacob Sachtjen was terrific, dropping gobs of time in 9 of his 10 events. Erin Griffith was 8 of 10, with a superb 40 second drop in her 500 freestyle to end the meet. Elijah Brown went faster in 9 of his 10 races including his first 100 fly and 500 freestyles. Steven Griffith was 5 for 6, dropping 27 seconds in his 500 free and 37 in his 200 IM, and placed top 7 in all of his races. Keelie Halsted was 6 for 6, topped by a 4th place finish and 20 second drop in the 100 back. Delaney Phillips swam 5 best times in 6 events, with big drops in both butterfly events amidst a trio of 6th place finishes. Demi Blaylock went PR’s in her 5 races, Sam Curtis in his 4 races, Logan Harris was 3 for 3, Isaiah Harrison was 4 for 4, Maddy Matous went 4 for 4, Ethan Linford was 3 for 3, and Eli Shaw went 6 for 6 on best times, finishing 5th in the 9-10 boys 50 backstroke. These improvements had a lot of dedication and hard work behind them; great job to you all! One final swimmer shoutout goes to Pema Anain, who dropped time in 5 of her 8 races, and had one of the swims of the weekend with a second place finish in the 500 free, a  triumphant 17 second drop to get way under the 6 minute mark.    

    All our swimmers did a terrific job racing hard, and now that we’ve set such a high baseline, the coaches are very excited for the rest of this season!