Parking Restrictions for Meets

Upper Arlington High School Construction Restricts Area Parking

With the construction of the new high school underway, there are a number of parking restrictions that have been implemented for safety.

120 student spaces in parking lots nearest to the school’s baseball and softball fields were eliminated on March 11, 2019 and will be unavailable until fall 2021.

Another 90 spaces on Brandon and Mt. Holyoke roads will be restricted.

On Mt. Holyoke, no parking will be permitted on either side of the street from roughly the UAHS tennis courts or anywhere north on the road to its intersection with Zollinger Road. The restrictions went into effect March 11 and will last until approximately August.

On Brandon, parking will be prohibited on both sides of the street from the edge of a school parking lot near the intersection of the street with Ridgeview Road, and going northward until Brandon intersects with Zollinger. Those restrictions will remain in place until fall 2021. 

To make up for the lost spaces, the district has worked out an agreement with Kroger Company, which owns the Macy’s building at Kingsdale Center. Students will be able to park at that lot and walk to school.

However, there is no such agreement with our Club and Kroger. Parking at the Macy's buidling is done so at one's own risk.

Carpooling reduces the number of cars in the parking lots and on the streets around the high school. 

In addition to these restrictions, the district and the city of Upper Arlington are prohibiting construction contractors from parking on Northwest Boulevard, North Star Road or on Zollinger, Brandon and Mt. Holyoke roads.

Officials hope those limits will reduce burdens on neighboring residents.

There will be some inconveniences - please BEAR with us during this time.