CE Aquatics Weekly Newsletter

Week of 10/20/19

Practice Updates

  • Normal Practice Schedule M-F at all sites.
  • There WILL be Saturday practice (10/26), 8-10 AM at Euclid 

Meet Entries

The following meets are posted, and entires are open:

  • Nov 22-24: Mark Braun Fall Classic - Fastest meet of the year! Let's test ourselves the fastest swimmers in the area as well as teams from out of town.  The meet has time standards (BB for 12&U, A for 13&O), and is prelims finals. All who qualify should prioritize this meet. Those who have time standards for Friday events, please plan on attending; we don't get many chances to race the longer events in environments like this which are condusive to fast swimming! High School swimmers ARE allowed to attend this meet.   Entries Due: November 3rd
  • Dec 15: TCAT Winter Breakout - Another great Developmental meet, perfect for the INT and BEG groups, and those in the ADV group developing "off" events! Let's take on a new challenge, grab your first 'B' time, and complete our IMR at a low pressure, one day meet! To enter an event, swimmers must havea time slower than the NAG 'B' time.  Entries Due: November 17th

Practice Change: Euclid Intermediate Group

Beginning Monday, October 28, the Intermediate group at Euclid will practice an extra 30 min, from 5:30 - 7:00 PM. With the high schoolers leaving, we will have enough lane space to overlap with the ADV/PreSR group which starts at 6:15. Practice will remain 5:30 - 6:30 until then. 

Meet Recap: Pentathlon

We had a great day Saturday at the Pentathlon. The big kids are seeing their habits and work pay off in the race pool, we had many swimmers "take the next step" and take on this meet (as well as new events) for the first time, and we had quite a few swimmers complete their IMR events, let by our 8&Unders! Congratulations to Caleb Ortman, who was the boys 11-12 Pentathlon Champion (total scoring of all events), followed closely by Owen Pesek who was the runner up! CE was well represented amongst all age groups, but especially in the B11-12! Well done boys!

Meet Recap: Mile Meet

The busy weekend continued Sunday at the mile meet, where we had the largest CE/USC crew in a very long time step up to swim the mile! We not only participated, but the results show that we got after our swims, posting all lifetimes (often by large margins), with quite a few first time milers (congrats Owen, Caleb, Mark Hribar, Theresa Lazanich, Savannah Hirsch). I love what this meet says about the development of our culture; more swimmers buying in, willing to take on a challenge. That is what we are all about!

Upcoming Meets

Nothing this weekend. Let's pencil in Saturday practice (ADV-PreSR-SR groups) and put in some good work as a group while we have a lull in the meets!

Perforamance Tracking

IMX, NAG trackers have been updated, as well as the list of AG champs qualifiers. All of these trackers can be found under the "Achievement" Tab.

New IMR Achievers: Ava Pesek, Elliot Suponcic, Kaitlin Johnson, Holly Suponcic, Savannah Hirsch, Zoe Pesek, Theresa Lazanich, JD DiCello, Paul Raser

Reminder: Snorkels for Steve's ADV/PreSR/SR

Don't forget to pick up a snorkel (or remind your swimmers to bring them to practice). We use them daily, they are a big part of our technical development. Reach out to Steve with any questions. 

High School Swimming and CE

A couple of notes regarding high school swimming and CE:

  • High School swimmers are allowed to practice with CE whenever you'd like per OHSAA rules. However, we strongly encourage that you fully participate with your high school teams and get the team expereince. If there is ever a scheduling conflict with your HS team and you'd like to attend a CE practice, feel free! Additionally, we also often have practice when there are snow days and HS practices are cancelled. 
  • High School swimmers may compete in CE meets until the date of their first high school competition. For most swimmers, this is the Mark Braun meet (you will see the best of the best  high school swimmers here). If your HS schedule starts later, you may also be able to attend the Shaker Shark Invitational. 
  • Please make sure your HS coaches have your USA swimming ID and enter it with your meet entry for all invitationals (Viking, Christmas Invite, Northeast Classic, Winter Championship, etc) as well as the state tournament. The invitationals and all meets in the state tournament are observed by USA Swimming; those times will be entered into the USA swimming database and can be used for qualifying into USA meets, including national level meets. Your coach simply needs to add your ID into his/her computer one time and it will automatically be sent with all meet entries. 


Coach Steve