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Team Email - 10/22

Team Email -

Happy Tuesday!  Fall is in the air & it’s been quite excellent to see the leaves changing colors.


Five quick reminders for this week for the whole team!

  1. Tech Suit Fitting - October 28 - 5-7p at Northfield. CLICK HERE for more information on our team policies on tech suits as well as information on the event itself. Here is a great article on what a tech suit actually is - remember these are made with the adult figure in mind, so fit/style/design is created to fit the fully mature athletes.
  2. Adult NTA Social - November 20th at Wilmette Wine Cellar - 7-10p - Drop by and mill about with coaches, parents and other adults in a fun local location! First beverage is on the team!  RSVP online - CLICK HERE
  3. Pink Caps at meets this weekend - If your athlete would like a PINK team cap this weekend - we are taking cash donations at both meets from athletes - recommended donation $5 but all amounts welcome. Donations benefit theKaren Dove Cabral Foundation in Evanston, IL.
  4. Thank you to all our volunteers at the Shark Frenzy - it was a phenomenal success and paves the way for a great Build the Base in January - our MAIN swim meet event.
    Munster is now posted for sign up and the WSO pentathlon will be posted shortly. Please don’t hesitate to get the best seats in the house now!
  5. To get this on your calendar - April 24th we will be hosting our annual Hour of Power and Team Banquet at the Winnetka campus.


Fun video to get excited for the weekend from the International Swim League - it's the SKINS race - a new format of racing from the ISL Dallas meet.