2020 EMAC Team Goals


Last year, EMAC established 10 Team Goals, and we accomplished 9 of them.

We’ve put a great deal of thought into our 2020 Team Goals.

Before we share our 10 Team Goals for 2020, I want to educate everyone on our team goal setting process and values.


This EMAC Goal Pyramid gives EMAC members a visible representation what we value in achievement and the necessary elements within each level. 


The staple of our entire team is having a system of development that creates progress that is better than the national average.  In both 2018, and 2019, EMAC beat the national average for percentage of time dropped in all 5 strokes:  FL, BK, BR, FR, IM.

We believe there are five fundamental factors that enable this achievement.

First, our system of development is process-oriented rather than outcome oriented.  This means that we want swimmers to fall in love with the process of improvement, not the time itself.

Second, we are passionate about our technique-first approach to development.  When a student makes an error on a spelling test, they won’t learn by spelling incorrectly 1,000 more times.  The same is true for the athlete.  Both must stop and learn before they can proceed. 

Third, over the course of a career, we spend equal time practicing all strokes.  The factors that dictate performance at age 10 change dramatically by the age of 18.  If swimmers focus on one stroke or distance over another, they will miss many opportunities for growth and balance. 

Fourth, everyone is an IM’er.  Every swimmer on EMAC is preparing to swim the IM.  This helps to promote balance in the body and the mind, while it also diversifies their swimming portfolio for when those factors influencing performance change…like puberty. 

Everyone attends champs.    Champs are exciting, and swimmers tend to rise to the occasion.  Having everyone attend champs helps the athlete by teaching them how to capitalize on hard work.  Having everyone attend champs helps the team by promoting our ability to compete as a team.  Champs are also the place where most of the season’s fastest times happen, improving our teams ability to accomplish our most fundamental goal, beating the national average for improvement in all five strokes. 

Click HERE for a 5-year history of EMAC Vs the National Average in Percentage Time Dropped


Each USA Swimming Team receives a Virtual Club Championship score.  This score provides the best known way to compare two teams across all distances, strokes, and age groups.  The score adds up the power points of the top-2 swims in each event of each single age.  The only stipulation is that each swimmer can only use 4 total times.  This allows for the top swimmers to shine, but it also forces teams to develop and care about depth. 

It stands to reason that if we continually beat the national average for improvement in all five strokes, our VCC score will either stabilize or rise over the coming seasons. 

Click HERE to see a history of EMAC’s VCC Score. 

Click HERE for more information on VCC.

Click HERE for EMAC's 2019 SCY VCC Details

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EMAC allows for a wide range of commitments at the younger ages.  We want our swimmers to get hooked and slowly increase their commitment and abilities.  Because of this, we aren’t as concerned with how well our youth age groups are “placing” at big meets.

We firmly believe that the more patient we are with development and the more diligent we are with teaching great technique, the higher the potential and performance will be for our older swimmers. 

If our process is working, our team should continually improve its performance at Senior Level Meets. 

Last year we won the SJAC Meet, Qualified 10 swimmers for PIAA States, and for the first time in many years, EMAC was the top-scoring team at MA Senior Champs from the Lehigh Valley.


USA Swimming Club Excellence is the cap stone for our pyramid because it focuses on a very narrow group of swimmers at the National Level.  Within USA Swimming Club Excellence, clubs can achieve Gold Status, Silver Status, or Bronze Status. 

Gold teams represent the top-20 teams in the nation.  Silver teams represent 21-100, while Bronze represents the 101-200 best teams in the country regarding the Club Excellence score. 

Click HERE for more information on USA Swimming Club Excellence

By channeling our efforts as explained in this document and by the EMAC Goal Pyramid, swimmers will have the tools and opportunities to reach the highest levels of our sport.   We are building a team at EMAC that will perennially be a Bronze or Silver Medal Club.  This is the year where we will outwardly declare that it is a goal for EMAC to be recognized as a Bronze Medal club. 

When this happens, swimmers and parents at our entry level will be able to see very clearly the pathway from entry-level to elite. 

In reviewing our goal pyramid, and by reviewing the 10 EMAC Goals for 2020, you can see that swimmers at all levels within our club are valued.  Each swimmer has a chance to contribute to our team goals.  We are off to an exciting and promising start to our season. 


  1. Beat USA Swimming National Average for Percentage Time Dropped in all five Strokes: 
  2. SCY VCC 150,000
  3. LCM VCC 125,00
  4. 80 IMX Swimmers
  5. 10 In-season EMACULATE Swimmers (swim all 14 events in one season)
  6. 8 PIAA State Qualifiers
  7. 70 Combined Event Wins at SJAC, Minis, Bronze, Silvers, Senior Champs, Districts, PIAA States
  8. Top-3 total Score at Silver Champs
  9. Achieve Bronze Status in USA Swimming Club Excellence
  10. Make It To Tokyo