Canyons Swimmers Achieve over 100 New Time Standards

Last weekend, Canyons' swimmers took the pool in Carpinteria and showed why we are the best team in the Coastal Committee.  There were countless personal best and great swims everywhere!  Here are the swimmers who achieved new time standards at the meet.  Take some time to congratulate these swimmers for their hard work and their parents for their commitment to their swimmers!

New Red Times

            Arshawn Behzadian – 200 FR

            Madison Caballero – 50FL

            Audrey Ginsburg – 500FR

            Aniyah Graham – 200BK, 200BR

            Nadia Hartounian – 100BR

            Joseph Kirchmann – 100FL

            Julia Lecrivain – 100BR, 100FL

            Daniel Lee – 200BR, 200FL

            Kenzie Megid – 200BK, 200BR

            Claire Pagaran – 200IM

            Tanner Scott – 50BR, 100BR, 100FL

            Declan Sheridan – 50FR, 100FR, 100BK

            Catherine Sobol – 50FR, 100IM

            Jaden Tan – 100BR, 100IM

            Ava Titus – 100FR, 50BR

            Angela Vargas – 200FL

            Declan Waldman – 50FR, 100BK

            Justin Yuh – 200IM

            Maddie Yurek – 100FR, 200IM

New Blue Times

Arshawn Behzadian – 50 FR

Kylie Chung – 200FR, 100FL

Gabe Eke – 200FR, 500FR

Lucila Guzman – 100BR

Emma Buliga – 100FL

Emma Hussein – 100FL

Yara Hussein – 200FR, 500FR

Joseph Kirchmann – 500FR

Jeremy Lawas – 200FR

Julia Lecrivain – 100FR

Colson Lloyd – 200BK

Joonho Moon – 200BR

Claire Pagaran – 100BK, 100BR

Alexis Plante – 200FR

Derek Rioveros – 50BK, 500FR

Tanner Scott – 50FR, 200FR, 50BK, 50BR, 100BR, 100FL

New WAG Times

            Arshawn Behzadian – 200FR, 100BR

Emma Buliga – 200FR, 50BK, 100BK

Michelle Chambers – 200FR, 500FR, 50BK, 100FL

Emma Hussein – 200FR

Victoria Lawrence – 50FR, 100FR, 200FR

Joonho Moon – 100BR, 200IM

Alexis Plante – 50FL

Emma Ravitz – 200BK

Tanner Scott – 50FR, 100FR, 200FR, 50BK, 50BR, 100BR, 100FL

New Spring JO Times

            Samantha Cazares – 200FR

            Karina Hartounian – 200BK

            Noah Lawas – 100BR

            Tyler Ngo – 200FR

            Dustin Saguros – 200FR, 50BK, 100BK

Tanner Scott – 50FR, 100FR, 200FR, 50BK, 100BK, 50BR

New Far Western Times

            Samantha Cazares – 100BR

            Joy Lee – 200BK, 200BR

            Jace Lloyd – 50FR, 200FR

            Tyler Ngo – 200FR

            Dustin Saguros – 200FR, 50BK, 100BK

Tanner Scott – 100FR, 50BK, 100BK