Tech Suit Update From PVS
Potomac Valley Swimming 
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PVS Coaches and Families, 
Starting 9/1/2020, 12 & unders will be restricted from wearing "Tech" suits in competition.  This restriction will apply to all PVS sanctioned meets, with no exceptions.  The information currently available (updated regularly) can be found at:
There will be exceptions to the restriction for 12 & under athletes competing at USA Swimming Junior Nationals, US Open, National Championships, and Olympic Trials. 
NOTE:  There are a number of PVS teams that travel to meets hosted by the International Swim Coaches Association (ISCA) and/or the National Club Swimming Association (NCSA).  These ISCA/NCSA meets are often referred to as "Junior Nats" or "Junior Nationals;" however, they will not qualify for the exception to the rule.  Twelve and under athletes will not be allowed to wear "tech" suits at these ISCA/NCSA meets or any PVS meets after 9/1/2020.
PVS Officials Committee
Terri Marlin
PVS Administrator
[email protected]