Please arrive on time for practice.

Please arrive on time for practice.


Great swimmers always arrive early.


We do a dynamic warmup before every practice.

Studies show that dynamic stretching can improve performance and reduce injury by prepping muscles and joints for optimal activation. It helps improve the range of motion around your joints, reducing the chances of injury.



What to Eat Before a Practice or Meet

The swimmer should eat a high-carb meal two to four hours prior to a practice or meet. The meal should be low in fiber and fat. Examples are whole-grain cereal with milk, fresh fruit or oatmeal with banana or cinnamon.

One to two hours before, the swimmer should follow up with a light snack such as fresh fruit or a sports bar.


Highlights from the Seneca Valley Mini/Distance meet:



4 Racer X Records

175 Smiles

75 High Fives

Keep it up Racer X Swimmers!





Missing female Racer X swimsuit size 28. Last seen Monday in the girls dressing room.  Let me know.


Racer X Upcoming Meets:

Get psyched!


November 2-3 Fall BB & Faster Meet @ Moon High School

November 6-9 TYR Pro Swim Series @ Greensboro, North Carolina

November 8-10 Marlin Invitational @ University of Maryland

November 9-10 Fall Slower BB Meet @ West Mifflin Area High School

Thanks for your support!
Coach Jim