meet reflections from today
Thank you all who came out today for our first meet. For those who did not come today your coach has your swim suit and clothing. Sweatpants are not here yet. They will be in next week. If your ordered anything and didnt not receive it please send me a copy of your  purchase and I can follow up with the vendor.

Please note- we understand the original relays set for today were changed up however please noteIF YOUR SWIMMER IS IN A RELAY THEY MUST STAY UNTIL THEIR RELAY IS COMPLETED. Shall your swimmer need to leave at a specific time you need to note this when first declaring your swimmer. Leaving early hurts other swimmers in that relay. Shall there be a last minute emergency a COACH must be updated immediately.

Also the winner of the costume contest is: Jaden S.
And the coach who knew the costume contest is: Rebecca.