Team email 10/26


Hello Team,

First an FYI, coaches are NOT allowed to text team members or team parents this year, it is a district policy. We will not reply to texts, but will reply to emails or we can call you. We will set up the new remind to only text one way to you and you will not be able to reply. Sorry, but these are the rules we must follow. Please do not think we are ignoring you, we just are not permitted to reply in that way. Below is clarification on the try outs tomorrow. 

Try out day and training group assignment day. Here are the details

We request that ALL swimmer arrive at 3pm to begin. Practice will not last until 5pm. It is important that you all come at 3pm though. Location is at the Lancaster YMCA 

465 W 6th Ave, Lancaster, OH 43130, USA

Afterwards, please join us at the BW3 nearby in Lancaster for team social and announcement of your training group assignment. BW3 is located at  1283 N Memorial Dr, Lancaster, OH 43130

Attached are the Central Swim suit ordering info. I will send the apparel/warm up/ and booster club info as soon as I receive the attachment as it did not come through well to my email. Thanks for your patience. 


Coach Lisa