House of Ravenclaw wins Annual Harry Potter Meet

Nearly 200 Canyons Swimmers took to the water this weekend to compete against Socal's best...each other!  There were many great swims, but Coach Courtney's AG2 groups really performed spectacularly!  Congratulations to all.  Below is a list of athletes from AG1-3, JO1-2, and Senior Development swimmers who achieved new time standards!  Way to go!

New Red Time Standard

            Victoria Alamillo – 50FL

            Cameron Alexander – 100BR

            Noah Almeda – 50BR

            Sophia Blietz – 100BR

            Kristofer Caballero – 100BR

            Graden Choe – 50FL,50BK

            Emma Fahrenhoz – 50FR

Isabela Gongora – 50BK

            Lucila Guzman – 100FL

            Sydney Jackson – 50FR

            Jessica Jin – 100BK,50BR,50FL

            Caitlin Park – 100FR

            Skylar Percy – 200FR

            Austin Silver – 100BR

            Emma Simcox – 100FR, 50FR

            Ryan Thompson – 100IM

            Been Yoo – 100BR

            Albert Zheng – 50BR

New Blue Time Standard

            Ilya Alexeyev – 50FL,50BK,50BR,200FR

            Noah Almeda – 50FL, 50FR, 50BK

            Max Burks – 100Bk

            Kristofer Caballero – 400 IM

            Claire Chen – 50FR

            Kaylie Chung – 100FR

            Sydney Jackson – 100FR

            Mahdi Karim – 100BR

            Daniel Lee – 100BK

            Milan Riley – 50BR

            Derek Rioveros – 50FL

Emma Simcox – 50BK

Ryan Thompson – 50BK,50FL

Maddy Yu – 500FR

New Winter Age Group Championship Standard

            Emma Fahrenholz – 100BR

            Karina Hartounian – 100BR, 200BR

            Jayce Lloyd – 100BR

            Aubrey Martin – 200FR