Meet Entries

Parents and swimmers,

Swimmers are suppose to talk with a coach before any entries are completed.  The coaches have a meet plan for each swimmer to achieve their personal best.  They know what each swimmer should be swimming.  Please be sure and have your swimmer discuss what they are to swim before you enter them in a meet.  If you do not and I see an event that is not a good selection when completing our team entries I will make adjustments to the entries.


It is very easy to print off the events from the Meet Information.  Send that with your swimmer to speak with their coach.  We will mark that paper and send it back with the swimmer.  Please be sure and keep an track of entry deadlines.  All meets that we will attend this fall are listed on the website.  You can send the entry sheets for each meet at one time to make it easier for your swimmer to talk with their coach.  Then go ahead and enter the meets. If you have any questions please email [email protected]


Thank you,

Coach Jennie Lou