GOAL Swimmers of the Month - October!

Leopardshark Ledger
October 30, 2019

Swimmer of the Month-- October
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Penguin: Evan Schalley

Evan is in the penguin group and he enjoys swimming because it’s fun. His favorite stroke is breaststroke because he started with it and it’s the most fun. His favorite color is yellow and he also enjoys playing soccer. 



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Dolphin: Ella “Turtle”  Behne

While her real name is Ella, most people at GOAL don’t know that because Becky calls her Turtle. She enjoys swimming because she enjoys being in the water, making friends, and challenging herself to go faster. Her favorite event is the 100 IM because she gets to do every stroke. Outside of swimming, Ella’s favorite hobby is reading because stories entertain her. Her favorite sport outside of swimming is basketball and she also used to be a dancer.


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Shark: Emily Fulcher

Emily’s favorite part of swimming is the environment that her coaches and friends bring. Her favorite event is the 50 Fly because she likes the rhythm of the stroke and how smooth it is. Outside of swimming she loves art. Most people don’t know that Emly loves to watch football and her dream school is Harvard.



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Senior: Ellie Ottens

Ellie is a sophomore at Burke. At practice she enjoys doing stations and her favorite part of meets is getting to hang with friends and getting feedback from her coaches about her races. Her favorite event is the 200 IM. Outside of swimming Ellie takes knitting classes and her favorite TV show to watch is All American. Something people don’t know about her is that she is double jointed everywhere. Advice she would give younger swimmers: “Try hard on the main sets and don’t do what everyone else is doing all the time because there are a lot of distractions. Also, listen to your coaches at a meet because they’re always right and don’t be afraid of also getting feedback from your peers/friends.”   


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Senior National: Nate Germonprez

Nate is a freshman at Westside. He enjoys when the practices are hard because he knows he will be better than he was the day before. He can’t choose just one event as a favorite, but he likes the 100s because they’re short and he can sprint them. Outside of swimming Nate enjoys playing video games like Rocket League and Clash of Clans, as well as spending time with friends. Something people may not know about him is that he used to skateboard and snowboard up to the age of 12, until he realized how dangerous they were. Advice he would give to younger swimmers: “That they should listen to their coach, no matter who he/she is and they should give their all in every practice.”