PNS Long Course Training - Olympic Trials Year

PNS Long Course Training – Olympic Trials Year

PNS Coaches:

PNS Swimming has rented out KCAC on several upcoming weekends to give our National level swimmers an opportunity to train LC in preparation for the 2020 Olympic Trails.  As this will be a combined practice for all PNS swimmers, coaches will need to work together to ensure a productive practice that meets the needs of a wide range of swimmers.  We did this as an LSC in 2012 and it proved very beneficial to the athletes as the coaches did an excellent job of working together for the good of all.


Practice will be held 8AM – 11AM on Nov 9, Nov 23, Jan 26, Feb 8.


Any swimmer registered with PNS swimming who has achieved at least one SCY Winter Junior cut is invited to attend.


Each practice will be run by a PNS lead coach designated by the Senior Chair.  This coach will be in charge of general oversite of the practice and ensuring practice runs according to the preset plan.

Other coaches attending will each run stroke groups when practice breaks into stroke groups.

A basic Template that has proved successful in the past:

  • 8-830               Warm Up
  • 830-9               Prep Set for Race/Pace
  • 9-940               Racing / Pace Set
  • 940-1040         Stroke Groups (Skills/Aerobic to threshold based on Stroke Group need)
  • 1040 – 11        Finish work / Swim down

Coach Selection / Requirements / Responsibilities

  • All coaches who plan on attending PNS combined practices will notify the Senior Vice Chair two weeks before the workout and specify if they’d like to act at the lead coach.  For the first practice, please let me know by Nov 1.
  • Lead coaches will rotate by practice. 
  • Other PNS head, National or Senior coaches are welcome to be on deck and work with stroke Groups and will be assigned to groups by the lead coach.

Lead Coach Responsibilities

Monday before the workout  

  • Mail out a practice Template (including warm up & main set) to all coaches on practice staff.
  • This will need to include estimated swimmers attending, stroke groups needed at practice, number of swimmers in those groups and which coach is running each one.

Wednesday before the workout

  • Please send out final practice plan to all coaches with athletes attending practice

Day of practice

  • Oversee practice as planned. 

Home Coach Responsibilities

  • Two weeks ahead of the practice, notify Senior Vice chair of your intention to attend (by Nov 1 for first practice)
  • One week ahead of the practice, notify Lead Coach know if your swimmers will be attending, what stroke group placement you’d prefer, and any input for the workout.
  • One week ahead of the practice, notify Lead Coach know if you’ll be attending as a coach on deck or have a Senior or National coach who would be available.

Please direct any questions to Ken Spencer, PNS Senior Chair