The Sprockets race fast at Halloween Howler

The Halloween Howler was our first official sprocket swim meet and it was a great success! On October 20th at the Seton YMCA, all swimmers swam fast and confident. Every swim meet we award one Swimmer of the Meet per Sprocket group.

KSC’s Sprocket 1 swimmer of the meet was Dexter Serra! He was absolutely fearless in doing his first dives straight off the block with great streamline position. He was ready for every race and challenge with a smile. He worked super hard on all his swims and showed great team spirit.

KSC’s Sprocket 2 swimmer of the meet goes to Lauren Strain. She had great streamlines throughout the meet. The Sprocket 2 swimmers just recently learned flip turns and Lauren was one of the only ones to perform her flip turn in the 50 meter Free. Great work Lauren!

KSC’s Sprocket 3 swimmer of the meet was Preston Enright! Preston got SOM due to his incredible performance. Not only was it his first meet but his first meet with dives off the blocks. Preston showed incredible skills and racing abilities in his swimming and won 3rd place in the 50-meter Freestyle. Great Job Preston!

Soon our swimmers’ best times will be updated on the website with the new results.

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