Newsletter October 2019

Newsletter - October 2019


Our season has gotten off to a great start this year, with both a Duel Meet and our first home meet already under our belts, as well as a couple of fundraisers. So far we have about 90 age group swimmers including 18 Mini Rapids and around 20 Masters in the water. Brief Advertisement: Remember to tell all your friends that swim club is “Continuous Intake”, you can join any time of the year, and in fact we seem to be still gaining swimmers every week.

 I was very impressed at how many of our brand new swimmers came out for Duel Meet 1, and it seemed as everyone left with a smile. Duel Meets are a fun, low key introduction to competition and our Minis showed up in droves to swim. Veteran swimmers stepped up to the plate to help out with all the first timers, with a heartwarming amount of team spirit and good sportsmanship. And the little ducks were a great hit. Congratulations to the victorious Blue Team!  

We had a fantastic turnout for the Prince Rupert meet, so many Class 1.5 and Class 2 swimmers swimming their first meet, and so many ribbons and medals won by our team! Not to mention the newly hatched officials; swim meets require a huge number of volunteers to be successful and it’s wonderful that so many of our new parents came out to make it happen. The next Rupert swim meet will be in June, so if you missed out on the fun you’ll still have a chance to participate next time around, and if you made it to the first meet why then by June you’ll be an expert. Oh yes, Prince Rupert won.


Swimmers of the Month – September/October 2019

Class 1: Enid Outhet is a brand new swimmer this year. Her attendance has been good, and she has great listening skills. Enid is a pleasure to have in class, always trying her best. Her strokes are coming along well, and she’s a welcome addition to the club.

Class 1.5: Eva Sumanik has made a total success of her first month of swim club. She attended her very first Dual Meet, and then decided to swim at the Prince Rupert meet, too. So many new things to learn, and she meets them all with a big smile on her face. Way to go, Eva!

Class 2: Ranbir Cheema shows up for virtually every practice, listens to instructions, almost always knows what’s going on and puts in a sincere effort at everything we do. His strokes are progressing, even that pesky breaststroke, and he did really well at the recent swim meet. I expect great things of Ranbir this year.

Class 3: Alli Daniele swam 100% best times at the Rupert meet. Her attendance has been great, at both the Class 3 and the Class 4 practices she’s attended. Alli has taken real advantage of the video stroke correction the senior swimmers having been working on, and it shows in the overall improvement in all her strokes.

Class 4: Jayna Mariampillai swam 100% best times at the Rupert meet, taking off MONSTROUS amounts of time. Her attendance has been great, she always puts in the effort, and the results are definitely showing.

5/6: Sharmonie Pederson again with the 100% best times at the Rupert meet! And so close to those qualifying times. Shar is among the last of the seniors to have made every one of her practices so far this season. The future looks bright for her this year.

Masters: Jimmy Morse is a constant inspiration to the morning Masters. He just keeps going and going, making the rest of us ashamed to give up so we keep on swimming, too. His sense of humour might be questionable, but it does make us laugh. Or groan. Come to think of it, there are a lot of groans during morning Masters, so it’s great to have Jimmy there with his big, bright smile and an encouraging word when you most need it.


Coaches Corner: Recognition

Believing that it is always important for excellence to be recognized, and considering that a newsletter including the End of Year awards got missed in the rush at the end of last season, I decided it wasn’t too late and now is the time. Here are our award recipients from the 2018-19 season.

Qualifying Times (highest level achieved)

A time – Annabelle DeMille, Malcolm Dolan, Landen Franes, Isaac Mastroinanni, Lily McDonald, Piper McWilliam, Sharmonie Pedersen, Thor Pedersen

AA time – Natalie DeMille, Malcolm Dolan, Lauryn Fontaine, Joushua Joubert, Ethan Toye, Hannah Toye

Tier I/II time – Warren Barton, Heidi Bellis, Isaac Dolan, Zachary Dolan, Kobi Franes, Jakob Hall, Amy Leighton, Iona Riesen, Magnus Veldman

National time  – Jarred McMeekin



Buzz Alder – Jarred McMeekin

Bill Nicholls (Rookie) – Owen Verde-Skinner & Nadina-Rae Cam

Don Seidel (Volunteer) – Kerri Leighton

Brandan Hagen Award (Perseverance) – Isaac Mastroianni

Amanda Bedard (Developmental Swimmer) – Jeevika Mariampillai

Gord Eby (Swim of the Year) – Isaac Dolan 400 IM, Winnipeg

Amy Leighton Award (Female Mentorship) – Amy Leighton


Towels (it’s a swimmer thing)

10 & Under Top Performance Male & Female                              Most Improved Male & Female

Peter Joubert & Heidi Bellis                                                               Alex Daniil & Annabelle DeMille


11 – 12  Top Performance Male & Female                                    Most Improved Male & Female

Magnus Veldman & Iona Riesen                                                        Ethan Laychuk & Carina Franes


13 – 14  Top Performance Male & Female                                    Most Improved Male & Female

Jakob Hall & Natalie DeMille                                                              Joshua Joubert & Sharmonie Pedersen


15 & Over Top Performance Male & Female                 Most Improved Male & Female

Kobi Franes/Zach Dolan & Amy Leighton                                        Warren Barton & Lauryn Fontaine


Upcoming Events

*Duel Meets

Our second Duel Meet of the 2019-20 season won’t be until after Winter Break, on Saturday, January 11, 2020.


*Swim Meets

PG Barracudas Northern Invitational – Prince George, November 15-17, 2019

Registration deadline is November 4, so sign up soon! Prince George is considered out of region because of the travel involved, but if your child is really interested in attending please do speak to Chris. Open to all swimmers in Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Kitimat Regional Meet – Kitimat, December 6-8 2019

Never too early to start thinking and planning to attend. This meet is open to all swimmers from Class 2 to Class 6, and some Class 1.5 swimmers may also be invited by their coach to attend. We strongly recommend that all our Class 2 and 3 swimmers attend this meet. Please, feel free to talk to your coach if you have any questions.


*Officials Clinic

(nothing currently scheduled)



Did you know we have a club website? Have you ever checked it out? This is a great place to look for information about what our club has been doing, schedules of upcoming swim meets and photos of our team doing what we do – swimming hard and having fun. This is where you look to find team records and contact information to order Team Gear.  You will also find our Swimmers of the Month here, a Coaches Corner with some (hopefully useful) tips and information, and past Newsletters.


Team Gear

Signi Solmundson is the person to talk to if you need goggles, team suits or swim caps, or fins, paddles, snorkels or one of those cool team backpacks. Signi can be reached by email or text (and this contact info is also on the website!). You can look up sizes or explore different types of snorkels at  Expect an announcement soon on placing orders for gear (think great Christmas presents).

Email:  text/phone: 250-600-3387




Tamara Ward is the fundraising coordinator for the swim club, working with Renee Pottle this season to transition her into this position.  If you have a small business or any ideas for new fundraisers please feel free to let them know, we are always looking for new ideas. If you run a fundraiser, you will automatically get $50 as well as 2% of the proceeds that will go towards your levy. If you are ever wanting to know where you are at with your fundraising or you have questions,  please feel free to contact Tamara.

These are the fundraisers we are going to be having this season so far;


Sandbags (date tba) ---Ross Franes

Swim a thon -

Christmas Purdy’s---Margaret Cavin

Centennial Meats ---- Trudy Dolan

Mom’s Pantry ----




Cash Raffle --- Tamara Ward

Easter Purdy’s---

Swim a thon---- Trudy Dolan

Centennial Meats --- Trudy Dolan


Tamara Ward             778-884-1315