Paseo November News & Notes



November 2019




Sports Nutrition Consultant, KIM BROWN, educated and inspired over 80 Paseo Aquatics attendees at her October 23rd  workshop. The information she shared will prove invaluable to our athletes and family members for the months and years ahead—both in practice and competition.

Kim has also generously agreed to share the links to her PowerPoint presentation with those Paseo Aquatics families unable to attend the session. Along with the information are additional handouts, including shopping lists, recovery snacks, sleep habits, etc.

Thank you, Kim, for your incredible contribution to our club!








Circle the date NOVEMBER 24th, 2019. That’s the day Paseo Aquatics will participate in its first-ever TRI-MEET, taking on the swimmers of SWIM TORRANCE and ALPHA AQUATICS in a one day, winner take all competition.

For those not familiar with the Tri-Meet format, Paseo Aquatics will compete head-to-head-to-head with these swim clubs in a dedicated team atmosphere, earning points for each event. Unlike a traditional sanctioned event, a Tri-Meet offers a more isolated setting with the number of athletes limited to these 3 teams. All swim times, however, are official.

The meet will be held at the picturesque LOYOLA MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY AQUATIC CENTER in El Segundo, CA.

The entry deadline for this meet is NOVEMBER 14th, 2019.

Paseo swimmers of all ages and abilities will have a chance to swim together as a team—a rare opportunity for our younger and older athletes to join forces and compete as one. We strongly encourage each and every Paseo Aquatics swimmer to help us showcase our amazing club to the rest of Southern California!


Monthly Milestones


Coach Garrett says that this month has been all about pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and he couldn’t be more proud of the results!  The transition from swimming just 50's to swimming 100's, 200's, and 500's can be scary, but his swimmers tackled the challenge head on.  They focused less on what their times needed to be, and more on making themselves well-rounded athletes.  Claire Tester worried about swimming her first 100 yard swim, but she did exceptionally well in 3 different 100's and the 200 free, and later said she was glad that she got to swim them! We had both Ian Ma and Ethan Ma push themselves to swim the 500 for their first time with a smile. Even with less of a focus on their times, these swimmers were dropping time like crazy! Allison Chen dropped about 16 seconds off her 100 fly, 17 seconds off her 200 IM, and 14 seconds off her 200 free.  Zachary Kuhn knocked off 20 seconds from his 100 back and 24 seconds off his 100 butterfly.  Emily Ryken had a huge 47 second drop in her 200 IM and 35 seconds on her 100 breast. These kids are insane, keep up the great work!


The PATH SCY KickOff meet was very successful for most of the swimmers in the Bronze group!  We had multiple swimmers swim events that they have never competed in before, clocking in their personal bests.  In addition, we had some major drops in times for Brooke Harnish, Gracie Brooke, Nicole Sanchez, Ashley Chen, Justin Hamilton and Tyler Stiles, dropping 10 or more seconds in the 200 IM.  In the 50 Free, we also had amazing swims from everyone!  Most impressively, Ella Kim dropped almost 2 seconds, swimming under 30 seconds and narrowly missing a WAG cut.  The 200 Free also showed some major drops in times from Brooke Harnish, Nicole Sanchez, Gracie Brooke, Ryan Lohmann and Justin Hamilton who ALL dropped more than 10 seconds!

In addition, Ashley Chen dropped a whopping 10 seconds in her 100 IM and Gracie Brooke dropped 16 seconds in the 100 Fly!!



Noah Sanchez dropped almost 12 seconds in the 200 back at the Fall Kickoff meet and is within striking distance of the WAG cut! 

We are currently training for the Kevin Perry and Buena meets to try to obtain more championship cuts.

Sr. 1:  

I want to give a shout to ALL my swimmers for performing well at the SCY Fall Kickoff meet, BUT Adam Meldrum wowed everyone with his 100 fly performance swimming a 57.72!!  Also, Brandon Cho went a season best and got his first WAG cut for the 15&Over age group!


COACH CHRIS DAHOWSKI states that at the Sr. 2 level, we spend a lot of time during the early season focusing on the technical skills of the race and stroke.  Breaking down the components of the race and then going to completion and linking them together.  He thought Cam Snowden, Ryan Sevidal, Brent Lee and Nabil Kalahiki did especially well putting it all together!

Our breaststrokers and fliers spend a large amount of time focused on stroke count and efficiency while swimming at pace at practice.  Konrad Antoniuk, Michael Andrizzi, Alex Bribos, Leo Melaye, David Kugler and Blake Gebhardt really showed promising signs of mastery of this work.


Community Outreach

Our Sr. 2 swimmers and coaches came together before practice on October 17th to assemble the 80 lunches that were then delivered to the Bridge to Home Winter Shelter to help nourish those less fortunate than ourselves.  This is a monthly Community Outreach event that Paseo does with different groups of swimmers.  We’re looking forward to working with our Sr. 1 swimmers and coaches on November 7th!   If your swimmer is in the Sr. 1 group with Coach Daiki, PLEASE login into your website and sign up ASAP to bring items for the lunches.  It’s only ONE WEEK AWAY!



Check out the awesome article Coach Chris emailed out to all our members earlier this month and help your swimmers to achieve a better mindset and build their mental toughness!'t-practice-hard-but-beats-me-in-races

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”

The reality is an overwhelming majority of people have no idea what they are talking about. You will be told numerous times over the course of your swimming career that you can’t do something.  That you aren’t talented enough.  That your goal is ridiculous.  Use their nay-saying and doubt as fuel for some epic swimming.

While it is inevitable that the perceived authority of a select number of people close to you – whether it is a family member, coach, friend – may have some impact on you, do not allow others to dictate what you are capable of.  EVER!! –


Each month we will offer a segment on Parent Education, hoping to share insight and information on becoming the best possible parent-of-a-club-swimmer you can be. This issue taps into a SwimSwam article dedicated to the the AWESOME culture we continue to encourage and cultivate at Paseo Aquatics!!

Please click on the below!


“Providing an environment for athletes to achieve a training effect at every practice is paramount to the athlete’s success.  It’s a coach’s responsibility to structure practices to foster such an event to occur.  Swimming fast is a product of training the brain and central nervous system to deliver the energy at the velocity you want to go.  To do this at practice means we must swim fast and swim fast often.  It’s going to be painful, very painful.” – Head Coach Chris Dahowski



We are always excited to share the opportunities that our swimmers have access to every year!  This year, Alex Bell, Heather Ostic, Samyra Benoit and Anika Sta Maria were all selected from a large pool of applicants to participate in the SoCal Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Camp in Commerce a few weekends ago.  Coach Daiki was ALSO selected as one of the coaches of the camp!  Here are the take-aways from the participants…

Alex Bell – “I think the camp had a welcoming atmosphere, kind coaches and athlete assistants.  I can safely say that I learned a lot about swim and the importance of a safe and friendly environment mandated by USA Swimming.  Aside from the lectures, I got a better freestyle technique from Cullen Jones, Olympian, which I will incorporate into my stroke.  All in all, a great experience and I’d be happy to return and help in the years ahead.”

Heather Ostic – “The diversity, equity, and inclusion camp taught me a lot of new things that I can apply to both my swim and personal life. I was reminded of the importance of giving everyone an equal opportunity to go to swim camp. I also learned many new important safe sport policies that I was not aware of previous to the camp. I experienced what it was like to be surrounded with many different kinds of people who all shared an interest in swimming.”

Samyra Benoit – “Swimming at this camp was truly an amazing experience!! Seeing other swimmers of color that swim at this level was awe inspiring!! As an African American swimmer for Paseo Aquatics, I’m beyond proud to represent for my team. Being an African American swimmer is outside of the stereotype, and going to DEI camp opened my eyes to see the world of diverse swimmers around me!!”

Anika Sta Maria – “DEI was an overall great experience for me. I had learned how to take less strokes in a lap and how to dive more efficiently. Also, I learned that people may have different perspectives and ideals, but we can all share similar experiences on broader topics.”



We have approaching swim meets in November representing all Paseo Aquatics Age groups, so take advantage of every opportunity to race.

To kick off the month our upper level swimmers with be competing at the annual KEVIN PERRY SENIOR MEET.  This year’s event carries the unique “Short Course Prelims-Long Course Finals” thanks to the 2020 Olympic year. Most swim meets leading up to the 2020 Olympic Trials will include Long Course events, providing opportunities for athletes to earn their Trial Cut(s).



October 31st – November 3rd, 2019

La Mirada Splash Regional Aquatic Center

13806 La Mirada Blvd.

La Mirada, CA

Groups: Silver, Senior 1 & Senior 2, (Please review qualifying times in the meet file)



November 2, 2019

Adolfo Camarillo High School Pool

4660 Mission Oaks Blvd.

Camarillo, CA   

Groups:  Discovery, Jr.1, Jr.2, Advanced, Bronze and some Silver swimmers



November 9, 2019

Ventura Community Park Aquatics Center

901 S. Kimball Road

Ventura, CA

Groups:  ALL except Kevin Perry swimmers that swam 3 or more events 10/31 – 11/3



November 23, 2019

Loyola Marymount University

7944 Loyola Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA  90045

Groups:  Juniors, Advanced, Bronze, Silver, Sr.1 and Sr. 2



Yay!  No Practice on Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 28th!


Other Important Dates

Sr.1 Community Giving – Bridge to Home

Thursday, November 7th 4:00-4:30pm @ Castaic Aquatic Center Lifeguard Room

Please login and sign up to assist with lunch items that the swimmers will be assembling into 75-80 lunches.