Best College Aid
Hello everyone!
My name is David Cantu, I am a former PST swimmer and former division one swimmer. I graduated from Marist College, in NY this spring with honors and a degree in Business Administration. My family and I recently launched Best College Aid, which is a self-paced, online college planning and financial aid course that goes over the specific steps and strategies we learned from experience, and both our public & private college counselors. These combined, helped us earn over half-million dollars in need & merit-based financial aid as a family. 
To help future college students, we have partnered with Plantation Swim Team and are offering a 40% DISCOUNT to fellow PST families. In the self-paced course, we will help you go over the specific steps students-athletes should take in high school including how to create a perfect college list, how to write college essays, as well as self-paced tutorials on how to complete the FAFSA & CSS Profile forms to get the most federal and institutional aid. See the full curriculum here:
Private College Counselors can charge an average of $200/hour or $6,000 for their limited services. We hope that by making this course affordable and offering lifetime access to families along with a private community, students can learn how to avoid paying full college tuition, efficiently look for colleges, and avoid taking out huge amounts of student loan debt.
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If any of you need more information on the course, please feel free to email me at