Name: Allen Robinson
Home Town: New Providence 
Alma Mater: Sul Ross State University, Alpine, Texas
College Sport: Rodeo (Bareback Bronc Riding)
An ex-patriot from the Lone Star State, Allen Robinson is a retired public servant who has lived in New Jersey for the past 17 years.
"I was never a competitive swimmer but I grew up around the pool and I was an avid water skier.  Later when I was working in Hawaii I took up surfing and SCUBA diving.  My job required that I be around water a great deal so I had a lot of water safety training.  Lifeguarding and safety have become my interest".

Allen is also a professional lifeguard and lifeguard instructor.  "I'm really glad to be at Berkeley because Jim had the vision for a great center for all things aquatic.  Not just racing which is the passion of everyone here, but a place for education about being in and around water.  My kids learned to swim at the old pool.  I want to be part of a dedicated mission promoting water safety not only for swimmers, but everyone.  It's just such an essential bit of knowledge for safety"