Important Message From Coach Doug

Hello EMAC


There are a few things on my mind that I’d like to communicate. 

Let’s first talk about the two frustrating items this week:  Pool Availability and Trick-or-Treat Rescheduling. 

Pool Availability: 

Being out of the pool for a few days is not ideal.  It’s also not the end of the world.  The coaches have already adjusted our plan for the next few weeks to account for the time out of the water.  We will all have to adjust our expectations for the meet this weekend, however, which will be covered later in this email.  


We understand that there has been considerable frustration surrounding the cancellation/postponement/rescheduling of Trick-or-Treat.  EMAC does not have a position on the matter.  We would like to point out that we totally support any swimmer who was signed up to compete at the meet tonight but would rather participate in their rescheduled Trick-or-Treat.  Please email me to inform me of your swimmer’s status.  Just remember that Coach Doug loves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.   

What I would like to highlight is that both frustrating issues from this week were what we call “uncontrollables.”  That simply means that none of us had any control over a) the water chemistry at EHS or b) the weather and subsequent township plans for Trick-or-Treat.   

When weeks like this happen, we can complain about things we can’t control, or we can put our focus on areas that we can control. 

Positive Outcomes:

Here are some of the positive outcomes established as a result of EMAC representatives putting their focus on the controllables.

  1. Coach O worked to establish/clarify necessary protocols for informing him of issues with water chemistry. 
  2. Coach O worked to add preferred vendors to the list of acceptable vendors at EHS, improving the school district’s resources to solve problems.    
  3. Coach Mandy used her contacts to establish a working relationship with Cedar Crest College to use their pool in a pinch when it is available.  This is an opportunity that we have not had previously.  Over 30 swimmers attended last night’s practice. 
  4. Parkland Swim Club graciously hosted several of our practices and welcomed both our coaches and our swimmers.  Please be aware that we will graciously return the favor if they have a need arise.  In addition PAAC Head Coach, Rick Aronberg, reached out to me to ask if there was a way they could help. 

Coach Doug Perspectives:

On This Crazy Week:

When you view this crazy week through the lens of positive outcomes, I’d argue that because of this week, we are in a better position to serve our membership now than we were on Monday.  I’ll always be thankful for our opportunities to improve. 

On the Pool Being Down:

I’ve been here for a little over 2 years now.  Not once has this pool been shut down due to water chemistry.  Hidden in the frustration this week was the fact that going 2 years without a single cancellation due to water chemistry is rare in my experience.  Some may want to point fingers.  I say, “Kudos to the EHS Custodial Staff for what will continue to be an outstanding track record on pool maintenance.”

Expectations For The PAAC Fall Harvest Meet

Some swimmers respond well to being out of the water for a few days.  Some do not.  If you swam competitively, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Because many of our swimmers will be participating in a meet this weekend without attending many practices over the last 5 days, we all need to adjust our expectations. 

Here are our three expectations:

  1. Give Great Effort
  2. Execute well the areas in which we have focused
  3. Have Fun

The coaching staff is not concerned with fastest times.  However, if we do the three things above, our swimmers will a) swim as fast as they can and b) return to top form sooner rather than later.    Swimmers will either be happy about their swims or it will be made clear to them what level of preparation will be required over the next few weeks to get where they want to be.  Both are positive outcomes.  

The Can-Do Cauldron

Let’s end a frustrating week by allowing our swimmers to have some fun. 

It's with the three expectations above that we designed the criteria for our Can-Do Cauldron!!!

Coach Seth is at the store right now buying goodies for the swimmers who do the following:

  • Freestyle - Taking 2 strokes off of every wall before breathing for the first time that lap
  • Backstroke - Going past the first "Red Buoy" underwater on every single wall
  • Breaststroke - Keeping your head down in glide position for the entire glide
  • Butterfly - Breathing only on the even strokes
  • IM - passing someone on the freestyle portion

Our coaching staff will be using these points of emphasis when doing our racing prep and racing critiques this weekend.  Swimmers who execute according to the points above will be allowed to pick a prize from the “Can-do Cauldron.”

At this point of our young season, our swimmers have performed far better to this point than they did last year.  We are on track to have an amazing year.  We won't accept an attitude that will allow one week to stall our momentum. 

Make-Up Practices

The coaching staff is discussing several options for finding ways for swimmers to make up practices.  Please look for an email next week detailing ways your swimmer can make up their missed practices.  

See you at the pool